Centro Food Yard: GenSan’s One Stop Grub

Centro Food Yard is every foodie’s next destination when in GenSan. So, when you’re in town you better bring your camera and your appetite.

The Food Yard opened their palatable dishes to the Home of the Champs last April 2017.
It is an outdoor hub for local food businesses located at South Osmeña.

Centro Food Yard offers different types of tastes from flying squids to kebabs. They offer imported beers and wines and huge jars of lemonades.

It’s a development in the food industry for Gensan and provides chance for local food businesses to introduce their selves in the market.

It provides convenience to people who are looking for a place to eat but can’t decide where to eat. It is best for barkada hangouts than dining alone.

How to get there

If you’re a local, it’s easy to locate the place because it’s just along the road near Outdoor Burger.

If you’re not from Gensan then we will set a point of reference – SM City Mall of Gensan. SM City Mall of Gensan is near Greenleaf Hotel which is a famous four star hotel. It’s also close to hospitals such as St. Elizabeth Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital.

If you’re at SM City Gensan, take a ride going to South Osmeña. It is just pass Jo’s Chicken Inato and close to Casa Rafael Business Inn.CFY Map

The major means of transportation in Gensan are tricycles. So, going from one place to another is through taking a trike. The minimum fare is PHP 8. Don’t get fooled by drivers who are hustlers. The maximum fare you can pay is PHP 10.

What to Expect at Centro FoodYard

Centro Food Yard is a large park with different food kiosks. The place is an outdoor park so expect that it be hot depending on the weather that day. Take note that Gensan is known for its hot weather. But don’t fret, the food yard is only open at night-time.

The place isn’t as big as the usual food parks in Luzon. But, it’s quite big for group of people going there.

The queueing time and the serving time takes quite long. But, you can choose to order some appetizers before you grub for the main course.

Live acoustic bands usually play so you can expect nice food and good songs on the background.

The Food Yard is great for barkada food trips but it can be pricey if you’re dining alone. Most of the food are good for sharing.

The Food Kiosks

On their first opening, there were nine food kiosks at Centro FoodYard.

The following are Red Lemon Nook, Zamy’s House of Sliders, KEBAB ni KAP, Flip & Pop, Chicken and Friends, Bubbly Queen, What’s your Craving, Fatboy Grill, and Tipsy Tuesday GSC.

Red Lemon Nook offers their famous flying squid and their jars of lemonade and iced tea. Their flying squid is a must-try. RedLemonNook

You want to gulp down your food with just one bite? Then Zamy’s House of Sliders is for you. They serve miniature chilli dogs and burgers for the hungry hearts. It’s small, it wouldn’t hurt your diet if you take a bite.


Hungry for some Middle Eastern cuisine? Then, Kebab ni Kap offers the food that will satisfy your craving. They offer koftahs and shawarmas. Who wouldn’t say no to shawarmas, right?


For the shrimp and chicken wings enthusiast, you should try Flip and PopTheir famous style of cooking their shrimp and chicken wings will entice you to buy not one but more.


Chicken and Friends also serves delicious fried chicken meals. Some of their chicken meals are their famous Chicken and Mojos, Spaghetti with Chicken and many more. This is great when you’re too hungry to think about your calorie count. Help yourself dive in. The chicken is your friend.


Are you a sweet tooth? If so, Bubbly Queen might have something that you want. Bubbly Queen offers bubble waffles with ice creams. Their waffle flavor ranges from everyone’s favorite, chocolate, to the newest trend, green matcha.


What’s your CravingAnd no, I’m not asking for your craving. It’s a food kiosk at Centro Food Yard. What’s your Craving? offers the taste of the world. They show off their famous Nacho Mucho that isn’t the usual nachos in any other restaurants. Why? You have to try it to know why.


What’s your poison? It’s a question of what kind of drink you prefer. It’s a question you’ll have to answer when you visit Tipsy Tuesday GSC because their ‘poison’ isn’t the typical beer or alcoholic beverage you buy at your sari-sari store. They offer imported beers such as Coronas and flavored beers.

Tipsy Tuesday

Fatboy Grill is your food choice if you want to go Ron Swanson and pack up some meat on your tummy. All the meat in the world for you and your friends at an affordable price.

How Much Will You Spend

If you’re going as a group with three to four people, a contribution of PHP300 each is enough to try at least every specialty of the food kiosks – if not all then most of it. If you’re dining alone or on a date, PHP500 all in all will do. If you want to go hard then I suggest that you prepare at least PHP1,000 to try every specialty of the house at a solo pax.

Voyager’s Experience

I enjoyed the food and the experience at Centro Food Yard although it wasn’t as big as I’ve expected and somehow the queuing line still needs improvement. Though, it is a happy place where your barkada can get along, chill and enjoy some good food. Hard to get some vacant tables due to its limited capacity but they offer good food and service crews were patient and nice.

Personally, the Centro Food Yard has a lot to improve but I’m glad that General Santos offers such venue for striving food enthusiasts to come together, both as providers and enthusiasts who give patronage.

Centro Food Yard is the first of its own in General Santos City and it requires support from the locality. We should patronize our own products and support our young entrepreneurs as it helps boost the economy of our City.

Centro has a long way to go and I hope that it becomes better in the years to come as this is a milestone for the City’s food industry.
For more information, you can click the name of the restaurants to direct you to their Facebook page for more of their menus and promos they offer.

Disclaimer: Logos from the Food Kiosks are not mine. These are taken from their Facebook Pages. Credits to the owner.


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