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Oceans and metaphors

It was on a dreary day that I found myself standing on a waving platform in the middle of the sea.

My mind could not fathom what I’m feeling. My body weak from the motion of the wooden raft and my mind weak from fear.

They say the ocean brings out the calm in you but there was a raging storm inside me.

They tell me to jump. The life vest will save me. They tell me I’m not alone. Everyone feels the same fear I’m feeling. But, do they?

It was a beautiful place, a paradise, for some. This is the death of me. I am a creature of the land and not of the sea.

“Jump,” she says.

“Jump, I’ll be here,” she says.

I hesitate and I hesitate some more. I can feel my vertigo welling up.

The only way for salvation, the only way back to land is to jump – through the waters. I feel like I’m trapped between dying from vertigo or dying from regret of not jumping. It’s to jump and see land or be trapped because of fear. The sun is going down.

I hesitate. I’m scared. I am not a creature of the sea but I’m of land. I hesitate. Time ticks. And then..

I jump. The water splashes right to my face. I sink. I taste the ocean in my mouth. I fight for air. I sink. I sink and I float in a matter of seconds.

I’m alive. I’m alive and then I realize something.

It is our fears that hinder us from our own happiness, from safety, from our utmost potentials. It is our fear of taking the risk, of taking the plunge that stops us from enjoying moments that can’t be replaced or returned. It is our mind’s overthinking that frustrates us from seeing paradise.

The ocean is a metaphor and I am a metaphor of your life.

So, if you’re in the middle of the ocean and you feel trapped, take the jump. Feel the cold sea and taste salt in your mouth. The thing you are most afraid of, you’ve already conquered it before. Conquer it again. Conquer it as you were born to conquer more.

Life is a beach but you were born to see beyond what is on the beach. You were born to see the ocean and conquer it. Take away your fear and use it to ignite the fire in your heart.

Take the jump and enjoy paradise.



3 thoughts on “Oceans and metaphors Leave a comment

  1. Such an apt metaphor of the ocean and of life, and our fears that keep us from taking the plunge. The unknown is really daunting. Somehow, maybe growing up, we learned to value comfort and security and equate them with happiness and contentment in our hierarchy of pursuits in life. Unfortunately, life also makes us learn that happiness is not the same as a false sense of well-being. As I grow older I’m realizing that happiness is not my plastic bubble. Happiness is for the bràve who dare to pursue it.


    • Indeed, happiness is for the brave. It is for the brave who, over the years, learned the art of perceiving that happiness is fought for not against others but within one’s self. Such is the story of my conquering the waters that made me enjoy such beautiful day! Thanks for your insight on my story.

      Best regards, The Voyager


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