3 thoughts on “Oceans and metaphors

  1. Such an apt metaphor of the ocean and of life, and our fears that keep us from taking the plunge. The unknown is really daunting. Somehow, maybe growing up, we learned to value comfort and security and equate them with happiness and contentment in our hierarchy of pursuits in life. Unfortunately, life also makes us learn that happiness is not the same as a false sense of well-being. As I grow older I’m realizing that happiness is not my plastic bubble. Happiness is for the bràve who dare to pursue it.


    1. Indeed, happiness is for the brave. It is for the brave who, over the years, learned the art of perceiving that happiness is fought for not against others but within one’s self. Such is the story of my conquering the waters that made me enjoy such beautiful day! Thanks for your insight on my story.

      Best regards, The Voyager


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