Fly High at Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park in Davao City

There’s a new playground in Davao City that will unleash your inner kid. Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park welcomes people from all age, forms and sizes to experience their large trampoline playground, restaurant and arcade.

All work no play? Head to Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park. It is the first trampoline park in Mindanao which is located at Damosa Complex in Lanang, Davao City. The grand opening of the park was last April 2017.

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Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park offers you the chance to jump on floors made up of trampolines.

Not fun for you? You want more? Altitude has an area for trampoline basketball. You can jump and dunk balls and go Michael Jordan if you want.

You can also play dodge ball inside the playground, climb walls and fall at comfy blue and pink cushions. You can also try their challenge on the skateboard-like platform and jump three times to sit on top of the high board.

Their flight crew are great exhibitionists, too. Did I mention flight crews? Oh yes, the park’s theme is that of an airport. Their receptionists act like flight stewardess and your game schedule is that of an air flight’s schedule. The flight crews are the people on the area who help and watch over everyone’s safety. Ten minutes before the flight and an announcement will blurt out over their amplifier saying it’s your boarding time.
It’s great for barkada night trips because not only does the park offer a playground to play, they also have an arcade with Star wars, motorbike games and many more.

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After burning all those calories from all the jumping, (fun fact: a 150-pound adult burns 42 calories from 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline) you can re-energize at their restaurant. Altitude offers a restaurant that serves pizzas and drinks for their customers.

How to get There

Let’s put Abreeza Mall of Davao as our point of reference. You can take a taxi ride going to Damosa Complex at Abreeza. Altitude is along the highway so it’s easy to spot. Taxi rides may range from PHP80-PHP 120 depending on the traffic if you’re coming from Abreeza Mall of Davao. If you’re going to take a jeepney then you better take an SM Lanang route.

You can see on the jeepneys’ signboard if their route is going to Lanang or not because it would say SM Lanang. BUT, don’t drop at SM Lanang. Tell the driver to drop you off at Damosa Complex or Damosa IT Park and they’ll know where to drop you off.

What to Expect at Altitude

You have to expect vigorous jumping. Trampoline jumping is exhausting but a fun activity.

You have to bring an extra shirt and a bottled water because it’s physically stimulating.

Twenty to thirty minutes would be enough to make you out of breath.

The place is huge so you can go play dodge ball with your friends or shoot some hoops. You can also play this kind of wrestling match game where you and your friend wears this zorb ball and tackle each other until one of you falls.

You’ll get amaze by their exhibitionists. The place is clean and well-maintained. The arcade is great but I still lacks more games. Please, put up some zombie shooter games.

You have to expect that trampoline has its danger so you really need to follow the dos and donts on their video guideline.

The trampoline overall is a fun experience and exercise.

Fun fact: They also offer a trampoline zumba class.

How much will You Spend

Here are the list of the following expenses incurred per person.

Basic Expenses:
Entrance Fee (1 hour) PHP 250
Pair of Special Socks PHP 100
Total PHP 350
Personal Expenses:
Energy Drink (Gatorade-like) PHP 45
Total PHP 45
Total Expenses PHP 395

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThe trampoline fee for an hour is PHP 250 on Monday to Thursdays and PHP 350 for Friday to Sunday and holidays. It would entail a cost of PHP 400 for two hours on Monday to Thursday and PHP 650 for Friday to Sunday and holidays.

A special sock is required for beginners as the trampoline might be slippery. The socks have these special feature that causes you not to slip on the trampoline.
On my trip, I bought an energy drink because gosh! It’s too exhausting and I needed something to cool me up and revitalize my energy.

Additionally, you can also munch some food at Altitude. They serve pizzas at an approximate estimate of PHP 500 or more for a box. You can also chill and just play at their arcade by just loading up their arcade cards like Timezone.

A photographer will also take pictures of you playing so you might be interested of having your picture taken and printed at a price of PHP 149 (if my knowledge serves me right).Altitude

The Voyager’s Adventure

It’s been so long since I’ve had any physical activities. All I do for the past few weeks is to work some extra hours at the office. To break all the tension and to have some release, the office decided to visit Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park.

Actually, our office has a date for recreational activities each month.  This is our way to balance life with work. It’s a good norm that other companies should apply.

We arrived around quarter to eight at Altitude after taking our dinner at the office. We took the last flight (it’s an Altitude linggo) which was scheduled at 8:30 to 9:30. We were the last batch to play at the park. There were less than twenty people playing along with us. Usually, the park would cater a hundred person per hour so the management started to limit their capacity to sixty people per hour due to accidents.

I was kind of scared at first because of the video guidelines. It tackles about what and what not to do when at the trampoline park. Please note that trampoline jumping is an activity that might cause hazard if you don’t play by the rules except if you’re an advanced trampoline player or exhibitionist. It can cause over fatigue, injury and even death.

We tried jumping at several trampolines and then went to the pit of blue and pink cushions. There was a wall climbing area near the pit of cushions. You can climb up high and free-fall with the cushion catching you. After that, we went to play dodge ball and shoot some balls at the basketball area.

It was just around 20-30 minutes when I felt myself out of breath. My shirt was already soaked with sweat. I went out from the playing area and bought some energy drink and there I found my friend white as a ghost.

He was feeling dizzy and nauseous. He told me he hated me for inviting him at the place and he swore he would never go back to Altitude. I just laughed because it was pretty obvious he was out of shape.

It is a caution for comers to not overdo yourself on the trampoline park. Here are the dos and donts that I remembered on the video guideline:

  1. Never jump near the railings of the trampoline. Chances are, you’re feet would be stuck between the trampoline and on the railing causing injury.
  2. Never land on one feet.
  3. Never jump head first on the pit of cushion.
  4. Land on your tummy or on your back instead of head first in case you get out of balance.
  5. Don’t make exhibitions if you’re not a professional.
  6. Avoid running on the trampoline area.
  7. Remove jewelries.
  8. No cellphones, gadgets or things that might break or fall easily inside the area.
  9. Don’t aim on the head or face when throwing dodge balls.
  10. Only one person is allowed on a trampoline.
  11. Don’t interfere on other people’s jump.
  12. Don’t climb high on the wall climbing area.
  13. Leave the premise if you feel you are too tired.

My overall experience is fun but I’d rather much have a thirty minute game at the trampoline than an hour. Hopefully the park would offer a price for a thirty minute game because thirty minutes is enough to exhaust me or maybe because it felt like we owned the place that night. It easily exhausted us because we were free to jump here and there without any interruptions.

Kids and kids at heart would probably enjoy the place. I did enjoy my experience there. I would love to come back and try the trampoline skateboard-like thing and the zorb ball. I haven’t tried that while I was there due to exhaustion.

I would also like to achieve the three-jump challenge the flight crew showed us. It’s a challenge in which you jump three times and land sitting on the high board.

I have a lot to look forward to and I would love to experience the place again with my barkada the next time around.



For more information about Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park in Davao, visit their Facebook page at

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