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A Hundred Peso Story: A night at Bistro Rosario in Davao

It’s a cold and rainy Sunday night. Alone, you walk along the streets of F.Torres in Davao. You want a place to just relax and get a cup of coffee but you’re short of cash.

You pass by a cute and decent shop. This will do, you tell yourself. “Sorry but we ran out of food for the night,” the waiter tells you as you enter.

You go out and see this fancy restaurant next to the shop you went out from. You’re short of cash to afford that; an internal monologue.

Just beside the fancy restaurant, stands your saving grace. It’s a pastry shop. Surely, it offers coffee.

A pâtissier in black shows you off the store. Purple yam charlotte, mango charlotte, cheesecakes; you can’t help but stand in awe. Your eyes wander and you find out that the pastry shop is an extension to the posh restaurant.

Hesitant, you ask the pâtissier if they offer coffee. She leads you to the restaurant. “You can order coffee at the bistro, Miss.”

So here you are, waiting for your coffee at the mezzanine!

The place looks new despite the fact that it’s been in Davao since 1991. It is a home-grown restaurant known to most of the Dabawenyos. The marbled interior gives you the impression that the place must have catered some of the well known elite class in Davao.

Posh as it seems, the bistro offers budget friendly menus. They serve appetizing pasta at a range of PHP150 and above.

Their steaks, as I’ve discovered, is known to the city due to its authentic taste. Price range of PHP300 and above.

Patrons come back to Bistro Rosario for their delectable desserts and their authentic western cuisines. Westerners looking for the taste of home go to Bistro Rosario. People who went looking for authentic European cuisine must surely have been here already.

How many couples must have celebrated anniversaries at one of the many tables at Bistro Rosario, you wonder. The place is suitable for intimate and romantic dates.

Frank Sinatra’s music fills the bistro. A classy song for a classy place. The chandelier sits still, keeping the place aglow. You take another sip of your mocca latte. The track changes from Sinatra to a jazzy rendition of Moon River. This place is beautiful, you tell yourself.

A wide painting of Julie Andrew’s Sound of Music hangs on the wall. Beautiful sketches of buildings decorate the side. Your eyes wander and take in the moment.

One of the tables hosts a happy family. You smile as they take a photo. This place isn’t just classy, it’s family-oriented.

The coffee tastes fine. Your eyes takes in the place. This place is beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful bistros you’ve been to…for now.

You call the waiter for the bill. Eighty two pesos for the coffee along with a service charge. There are so many things you don’t know about Davao and you decide you’re going to discover them one by one, day by day. You pull out a PHP100 and leave.



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  1. Bellissimo. I think I’ve only heard about BR over the radio a few times before. It’s name is intimidating when you’re on a budget–it sounds too Italian, too classy, too posh. Apparently, it’s not. I’m going to check it out soon.


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