Davao, Come into The Bright Side 

If you’re tired with chilling in the dark along with Vader and his crew, then the Bright Side is the place for you.

The Bright Side is one of the many gems that Obrero,Davao City hides. It is a small but spacious restuarant situated at JJ’s Commune in Loyola Street.

The place, though small, gives out a happy vibe due to its clean and well lit interior. They also provide cozy booths and high rised stools for your comfort.

You can enjoy your dinner at the Bright Side with a glass of wine or you can just order a bottle and down it at one seating with your significant other or friends.

The restaurant offers pastas and delectable appetizers.  For their main course, make sure you don’t miss on their signature skewer meals.

Their skewer meal is a meal with rice and skewered meat from a variety of chicken, beef and pork at an affordable price of PHP 190.

Their signature dessert is also a must-try. Their S’mores is a lava of goodness. It’s great for sharing between 2-3 people at a price of PHP 150.

A person can dine for a complete meal with drinks at a minimum of PHP 350.

The place is great for easy romantic sunday dates with your partner.

2 thoughts on “Davao, Come into The Bright Side 

  1. I’d like to read more on how was your food as it will be the main reason for us, who have never been there, to visit the place 😁


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