Uncle Wok by Chef Duke, an Asian Cuisine expedition in GenSan

Do you want to travel around Asia and try out different Asian cuisines but do not have the luxury of money and time to spend? If yes, then you need to stop by at Uncle Wok by Chef Duke in Sineguelas Street, General Santos City.

Uncle Wok by Chef Duke is a brand new street dining restaurant that houses different Asian cuisines in one room. The place has a dim light effect with a touch of Buddhist ambience. You can also dine on their open air area if you want to have a real street dining experience.

The cool thing about Uncle Wok is that their chef shows off his culinary talent through a glass window. You get to see how your food is prepared and you get to see him fire up your meat with style.

The restaurant offers the taste of Hongkong, Singapore, Mandarin, and a lot of Asian cuisines. Not only do they serve delicious dishes but they serve it with panache. The plating of their food will satisfy your eyes and the taste will satisfy your mouth.

They offer solo dishes and food for sharing at a friendly price.

How to Get There

If you’re new in Gensan then let your point of destination be in SM Mall. Hail a tricycle ride from SM to Sineguelas Street. It is just two blocks behind Dunkin Donut -Santiago and a block behind Casquejo Street. Although the restaurant is small, it is easy to spot. The basic fare to Sineguelas Street from SM is only PHP8. The most you can pay for is PHP10.

How Much Will You Spend

A solo plate will cost you as much as PHP 89 up to a hundred. They offer plated shrimp, pork, beef and fish in a variety of Asian flavors. Their Hongkong Styled beef is highly recommended. If you love the tinge of spiciness in your tongue then it definitely is a try.

Their to-share food ranges up to PHP120-150. It’s great for family or barkada food trips. Their shrimp and fried chicken is a house recommendation.

Last but not the least, try their dessert. It only cost as much as PHP70. It’s a creamy goodness rolled in one cup with a touch of bitter flavor from the petal of a flower (I think, lavender) caramelized on top with strawberries.

The Voyager’s Experience

Food is always a fun experience no matter how pricey it is or not. Although, there will be times that you can say that I could do much better in the kitchen than this restaurant but not with Uncle Wok. Yes, true that some of their food were foreign to my palate and I could not put any contrast as it is my first time to taste different Asian cuisines other than Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino. I can not say that it is the best Asian cuisine restaurant I have been to but Uncle Wok definitely is a good try.

It is not your usual Asian cuisine dining experience. The place, though humbly small, is comfortable, clean and peaceful. You’ll also be entertained by the chef’s performance on the preparation of your food. What I can critic though is that the meat serving is a little petite for a person like me. Nevertheless, you will definitely order some extra rice with their flavorful cuisine.

Remember, #SupportYourLocalResto.

For more info, visit Uncle Wok by Chef Duke on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UNCLE-WOK-by-Chef-Duke-1905663439690045/ and Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/uncle_wok/

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