The Brick: Your Barkada’s Next Night Out Destination in Gensan


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If you’re looking for a new place to hang out with your friends over the weekends or if your colleagues at work are stressed out and need some break, then head to the trendiest resto bar in General Santos.

The Brick is the newest local resto bar in General Santos City where you can chill, drink and catch up with your college friends or just loosen up with your work friends. Not only can you buy some drinks, you can also enjoy the food on their menu at an affordable price.

If you and your barkada’s trip is chilling and just want a place with stable wifi connection for another Boss raid in Everwing or just have a casual streak playing with Mobile Legends then The Brick might be your next hideout.

The Brick also offers their place for your barkada to enjoy a game of beer pong for an hour or two. The place has its cool and hip ambience you can enjoy. Their food and drinks is definitely budget friendly, too.

How to Get There

For locals of General Santos City, if you know where Paper Towns Café is then it is easy for you to locate The Brick. The Brick resides at the same establishment where Paper Towns Café used to be. The Brick is at Rambutan Street.

If you’re not from Gensan then drop at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University at Marist Avenue and locate Taps and Mix. From Taps and Mix, you can walk to The Brick. A street between the back of Nadies Chicken House and Taps and Mix will lead you to The Brick. You can also hire a tricycle ride from Notre Dame to Rambutan Street. You can tell the driver to go to Rambutan Street. The place is easy to spot as it is an isolated resto bar along the street. Take note that a tricycle fare is only PHP 8.

How Much Will You Spend

The Brick resto bar offers food and drinks at an acceptable price. If you’re to dine alone then an average of PHP 150 is enough for you to have one set of meal and a drink. They offer rice bowls at a price below PHP 100 and it is tipid and sulit. They also offer pulutan on their menu such as sisig, kropek and the likes at less than PHP 200. Their beer pong would have an estimate cost of PHP 500 and above. A bucket of beer would have an estimate cost of PHP250 and above.

The Voyager’s Experience

The Brick’s crew were very accommodating and were very friendly at attending their customers’ orders and needs. The place was spacious and comfortable. It’s very barkada oriented rather than for couples or for dining solo. The place was also very hip. You can say that its market is more in line for millennials and younger generations but the place is not limited to those market alone.

The food was good. We enjoyed the sisig and can highly recommend it. Their rice bowls are what you really paid for in terms of quantity. Also, their wifi connection was very stable that you and your troop can enjoy playing online games on Facebook.

The place was a bit rowdy and noisy due to the people playing beer pong. If you want a quiet night without the rowdiness then the place isn’t for you. It’s given that people enjoying and a little drunk can be a little brave and loud, don’t you think?

All in all, I can say that my barkada and I might enjoy more night outs at The Brick; probably playing Everwing.

For more info, please visit The Brick at their Facebook page on  #SupportYourLocalResto

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