Aleia: A Mediterranean Food Exploration in Gensan

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Influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, Aleia is a brand new joint in General Santos offering a unique experience for every food enthusiasts’ palate. Along with Kaizu, Aleia is a home grown brand created by KCC Mall.

It is the first restaurant that solely offers Mediterranean dishes in General Santos City. Aleia opened their humble establishment at Veranza Mall of Gensan last June 22, 2017.

Here’s the most important thing every food enthusiasts should know about Aleia; it’s quite affordable. They offer their food at a price ranging from PHP 100 to PHP 150 only. They also offer wines ranging from PHP 350 to PHP 450 a bottle.

You’ll find that their beef kebob is something you’d like to occasionally have for dinner or lunch.

Beef Kebob

If you want to have that Mediterranean diet then try out their Greek salad or their oil-based pasta.

Order their sundried tomato linguine pasta. The spiciness and richness of flavor are something you’ll look forward to having.

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Sun Dried Tomato Linguine

Try their tiropitakia. It is a pyramid-shaped goodness filled with spices and cheese.

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For dessert, grab a Dayap cake. It is a sweet and sour flavored cake that has a tinge of lemon in it. Sansa approves.

How to Get There

Aleia Mediterranean Restaurant is a joint at Veranza Mall of Gensan. It is beside Kaizu Japanese Restaurant.

Veranza Mall of Gensan is a well-known establishment in General Santos City. So going there would be easy. Just hail a tricycle ride and direct the driver to Veranza Mall of Gensan. An average fare would be a minimum of PHP 8 if you’re in the downtown area. If you’re coming from farther places, then you can haggle a PHP 20 fare.

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How Much Will You Spend

If you’re planning out on a special date with your girlfriend or boyfriend then a budget of PHP 350 would be enough for you to have two decent meals paired with drinks.

If you’re with your family then PHP 750 to PHP 800 is enough to enjoy some Mediterranean dishes.

The Voyager’s Experience

When you talk about Mediterranean cuisines, instantaneously people (me included) would assume that it is pricey. Aleia proves you wrong. The restaurant is quite affordable for the food that it offers.

Despite the low price, the food is amazingly good. I’m not a big fan of oil based pasta but Aleia’s sun dried tomato linguine is an exception. It has a strong spicy flavor that leaves you craving for more.

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My all time favorite is the tiropitakia. It’s a PHP 60 peso dish with four pieces of cheesy goodness. It also has an orange flavored dip that suits perfectly to the saltiness of the cheese and spices.

I don’t recommend the shawarma as I’ve tried other flavorful shawarma than Aleia’s but I would recommend their beef kebab (kebob). The beef, though, not as soft and not as easy to chew has its rich flavor with a touch of spice.

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They offer unique flavored shakes such as mango basil smoothie, papaya banana smoothie, and peanut butter smoothie. If you’re up for something foreign then I suggest you order some. Their dayap cake is delicious although it’s more sour than sweet.

Dayap Cake
The place, with its unique purple lighting, is soothing and elegant.

You can try at least four different dishes at the price of PHP400. Have a Greek feast just for the heck of it!

For more information about Aleia Mediterranean Restaurant, visit KCC Mall’s Facebook page at

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