Have you found the Secret Spot in Davao?

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There’s a secret in Davao City that outsiders don’t know. Some Dabawenyos don’t even know the secret. So what is it?

It’s an oasis in the heart of the city and only true seekers can find it. But, sometimes it finds you.

There is a beach themed bar that is secretly hidden in the heart of the city. It is inconspicuously hidden behind an ordinary restaurant called Comedor.

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 As ordinary as it seems, Comedor offers delicious bulalo, goto, hinalang, and more. Their beef pares and sinangag is the restaurant’s specialty. Comedor offers these delicious Filipino delicacies at a price below PHP100.

Who would expect that a simple restaurant hides a mind blowing secret?

Behind the restaurant is an amazing bar you wouldn’t know existed. Its name is Secret Spot because it’s literally a secret spot.

The bar revealed its secret last December 2, 2016, and word got out so fast that despite its secrecy, people still found the place at such an ease. Some secrets are best not hidden, don’t you think?

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It’s one of the most vibrant and hippest bars in Davao City that are best for barkada hangouts and even just a casual night out for beer with your workmate. They have an area for beer pongs, a bar counter with bartenders in Hawaiian shirt uniforms, and a wonderful Filipino beach-themed interior.

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So, how do you find the Secret Spot?

How to Get There

If you’re taking a ride going to Lanang, you’ll easily spot Comedor. As simple as the restaurant seems, you wouldn’t expect it to be one of the best in Davao. It looks like a desserted restaurant in the middle of a huge lot. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Because, sometimes the facade is just a front for something amazing. Comedor is just in front of Davao Chamber of Commerce’s building.

How Much Will You Spend

The bar isn’t as pricey as it seems and they offer different kind of drinks from the usual beer to imported beers such as Smirnoff Mule and Breezers. They offer it an affordable price. They also offer hard liquors that are a favorite for party goers such as Jose Cuervo, Captain Jack and Jack Daniels.

As an extension to Comedor, they offer pulutan that don’t stray far from the restaurant’s menu. They have tokway’t baboy, lechon kawali, bulalo steak and a lot more.

They also offer their own mix of drink at a price of PHP380 and more. Their secret concoction has a name such as Turtle Juice(rest assured that no turtles were harmed in creating this drink), Blue Wave and Shark Attack.

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The Voyager’s Experience

My workmate and I were strolling the streets of Bajada, looking for a place to eat dinner. It was around 9pm when we decided to go to Comedor as it was deserted and my palate was looking for some hot soup.

As we entered Comedor, we instantaneously liked the place because it was isolated. The place, though, at its simplicity, offered delicious food. However, their rice were a little bit cold and a little bit chewy. Their beef pares weren’t served hot too.

Observing, I realized that a lot of the people we dined with were regulars because they were too common to what they ordered and they have that vibe of familiarity towards the place.

My friend wanted some beer so he asked the waiter if they served some. The waiter said they offer it at the back. Curious, after dinner, we went at the back and discovered an oasis for the people who are looking for some place to relax. You know what they say about curiousity right? It killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

We were satisfied at what we saw, at the choice of music, at the ambiance, at the good food and the crew that kept as companied.

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It is one of the best places in Davao City for night life. The place, though an open area, wasn’t hot and sweat drenching. It was also spacious. The crew were really friendly and were accomodating. The dimsum platter was highly commendable.

Though, they don’t serve nuts, it was still good. Their Facebook pages’ admin were very open minded to their customers’ suggestions as we suggested they offer nuts on their menu.

This is one of the best discovery I’ve ever found so far in Davao City!

For more information, visit Secret Spot’s Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/secretspot.comedor/



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