Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee: Where Art Culture, Wine, Coffee and Food Converge

Are you a creative soul looking for inspiration and a little bit of refreshment? Need to extract some creative juice for your next artwork while enjoying a sip of coffee or a glass of wine?

Then, Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee welcomes you to their humble place.


Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee is a new joint in General Santos City where your favorite comfort food converges with art. They opened last June 28, 2017.

It is a place where you and your friends can enjoy a glass of wine or just down a bottle.

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If you’re a person who can’t get your creative juice running without caffeine then Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee offers the coffee of your choice. They offer caramel macchiato, cappuccino, and lattes; people’s favorite coffee drinks.

They also serve coffee beans brewed in the way you like it. They serve Bukidnon, Mt. Apo, Colombian Suprema, Kenyan and Atok Benguet coffee beans. You can choose by brewing it either by French press, Drip pour over, siphon or clever dripper.

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You can also try out their blended drinks such as their matcha smoothie, durian caramel smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie and other rare blended drinks you can add to your palate’s dictionary.

They have a large variety of menu from appetizers, pasta to their main course meals, too. So, it’s a one stop shop if you love coffee, wine, food, and art.

What’s great about Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee is that they feature local artists’ artworks and you’ll be in awe because you’ll not only enjoy the food but also you’ll feel like you’re in a museum. You’ll get more in touch with your artsy side.

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How to Get There

Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee can easily be spotted as it has a large sign on their building. Their place is located at South Osmeña corner of Champaca Street. The place is within Columbus Hotel Complex.

You can walk from General Santos City hall to Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee or take an eight peso ride fare. Remember that the maximum fare you can pay on a tricycle ride is only ten-pesos.

How Much Will You Spend

If you’re dining alone, you can incur at least Php 250-300. A plate of pasta costs Php160 and a blended drink costs Php145. You can also try their pizza at Php120 which is good for a one person.

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Their specialty coffee which you can brew on the manner of your choice costs Php120.

What are the different ways of brewing then? If you’re a coffee fan and you don’t know the ways to brew a coffee then I’ll give you an insight.


French press involves a cylindrical pot with a plunger and a filter screen which you press the hot water through the ground coffee.

Drip pour over involves pouring over hot water on the ground coffee beans. The ground coffee beans lie on a filter and you wait for the coffee-absorbed water to drip into a mug or carafe.

Syphon or siphon involves a device with tubes and chambers. The bottom chamber is filled with water. It is heated so the vapor pressure forces the water to rise. On the upper chamber, there is a filter to which the water is mixed with coffee grounds. Siphon method is believed to have a tea-like effect or taste to your coffee.

Clever dripper involves a dripper device. It’s the usual method of brewing seen on hipster and known coffee shops. It involves placing a filter and pouring water over the coffee. You place a dripper on top of your cup. The cup’s rim triggers the release valve and the coffee drains through the bottom of your dripper to your cup.

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If your poison is wine then you can enjoy their glass of wine at an estimated price of more or less Php150. A bottle of wine ranges around Php450 to a thousand depending on the age and brand of the wine.


The Voyager’s Experience

What I love about the place is it allows Generals to learn more about the art scene of the city. It’s great to empower the art culture of the city and showcase General Santos City’s artists. Gensan isn’t called ‘Home of the Champions’ for nothing.

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Also, it’s one of the few places in General Santos City that offers a place to chill with wine instead of beer. As my friends put it, “I’m feeling like a tita, let’s have wine!”

They also serve beers too. So, fret not beer lovers.

The place has it’s museum-like and cafe ambience due to its spotlights and dim lighting. It has a rustic-like interior that adds to the beauty of the place, too. The place isn’t crowded and have long tables for group of friends to chill at.


For the food, my friends would recommend their own home made pork and beans as it is deliciously prepared.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

For me, my favorite is their Rumaki. It is an appetizer made out of chicken liver wrapped in bacon with potato chips on the side.

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For their pasta, I would recommend their creamy penne with chicken and peppers rather than their Italian spaghetti and meatballs.

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Their spaghetti and meatballs is delicious, mind you. It’s just too sour for my liking. I love their meatballs but not so much on their spaghetti sauce. I guess I prefer Filipino-style spaghettis than the Italian one.

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However, my friends loved their Italian Spaghetti and meatballs. A lot of my friends who visited the place recommends that I visit it so I obliged.

Kudos to Southern Brew for empowering the city’s art culture, and provide a place for coffee and wine lovers in GenSan!

To know what Southern Brew Art.Wine.Coffee is brewing, visit their Facebook page at

Business Hours:                                                                                                                                
Sunday to Monday – 12:00NN to 9:00PM                                                                                    
Tuesday to Thursday – 10:00AM to 10:00PM                                                                                
Friday to Saturday – 10:00AM to 11:00PM 
Credits to Patricia Manalansan for the photos.


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