Raining Cats and Dogs at Purr Box Cat Cafe and Pawsome Dog Cafe, Davao City

It’s raining cats and dogs!


If you’re a pet lover, whether cats or dogs (and maybe both), then visit Davao City. Davao City is one of the cities in Mindanao where you can find concept cafes especially intended for pets and pet lovers.

If you want some cuddles from cute dogs and cats because you have no human to cuddle with, then come to Pawsome Dog Cafe or Purr Box Cafe. If you’re stressed or depressed, then find your way to these cafes.

Every person has their preferences when it comes to choosing pets. Some people even ask this question during the first date to determine a suitable mate. So, do you like cats or dogs? Or both?

Pawsome Dog Cafe for Canine lovers

They say that the anagram for dog is God. This is why dogs are man’s best friend just as God.

If you want to take your dog on a date, head straight to Pawsome Dog Cafe at Dr. 5 Autoville Building, Torres St., Davao City. It’s one of the only cafes in Davao where dogs are allowed.

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Owners Cherry Manning and Francie Calderon, formally opened Pawsome Cafe, a dog-themed cafe last April 9, 2017. It is a cafe where customers can enjoy good food and drinks, and enjoy the company of pet dogs.

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The cafe is separated from the pet house. Their cafe is painted in pastel and white color. This is where people can enjoy Pawsome’s delicious food and interact with fellow dog lovers.

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Their pet house is a spacious area where dogs can play around with people. The place was designed by Architect Jan ‘Chin Chin’ Villalon.

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Pawsome Dog Cafe has more than ten dogs coming from different breeds and with different personalities. You can play with the dogs at their pet house for a cost of P220 or P190. The price difference is due to the different types of drink packaged to the registration fee to the playhouse.

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How to Get To Pawsome Dog Cafe

Pawsome Dog Cafe stands out because the facade looks like a dog house. It is located at Torres Street.

If you’re coming from J.P Laurel Avenue through a public jeepney, stop in front of Shell Station. There’s a street in between the Shell Station and Caltex. That is F.Torres Street. From there, you can walk to Pawsome Dog Cafe or ride a tricycle. The cafe is inside a compound. If you see a signage of Yoh Froz or Red Taiwan Shabu Shabu, then you’re in the right direction.

How Much Will You Spend

To enjoy your stay with Pawsome Dog Cafe, register at a cost of P220 or P190 to get an hour and a half time with the dogs and enjoy a drink. An additional cost of P30 will be charged if you go there without wearing some socks. However, if you are wearing a pair, then you don’t have to purchase anymore.

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Pregnant women, children below one year old, and people with allergies and respiratory diseases are disallowed in the pet house area. A waiver will be signed before going in at the playhouse.

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You can also order at the cafe and enjoy their delicious food if you’re not up to playing with the dogs.

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Purr Box Cafe for the Feline lovers

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”
– Terry Pratchett 

For many introverts, they connect more with cats because of its social behavior. Cats, unlike dogs, have a sophisticated personality. Snobbish, for some. However, they are wise and lovable creatures.

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All throughout history, cats are animals related to gods and deities. This is why some people find cats better than dogs because of its stature and introverted personality.

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If you are one of the many people who enjoys the chill personality of cats, then visit Purr Box Cafe at J.P Laurel Avenue.

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The cafe offers a variety of drinks, cakes, sandwiches and pasta. They also offer cat supplies such as cat foods, toys, hygienic needs for your pets, and etc.

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Purr Box Cafe has two floors. The first floor is where the real world is located and the second floor is the home of the gods. On the second floor, you can sit and sip your matcha latte with a cat pouncing on your legs or sleeping on your table.

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Purr Box Cafe, the first and only cat-themed cafe was brought to us by Arthur Ong, Erwin Tan and Keseree Ng. The cafe was inspired by their experiences visiting cafes around Asia such as Thailand, South Korea and Japan.

How to Get To Purr Box Cafe

Purr Box is located at J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It is nested beside Nissan Davao so it’s easy to access especially if you’re riding a taxi.

If you’re riding a jeepney with a route going to Bajada or Lanang area, then you can drop in front of Shell Station in J.P Laurel and just walk from there to Purr Box. But, if you are confident enough not to get lost, you can just drop in front of Phinma Properties and cross the street.

How Much Will You Spend

Unlike Pawsome Dog Cafe, there is no minimum registration fee or a limited time to enjoy the feline critters. As long as you order food or drink from the cafe, then you are very much welcome to enjoy their cats.

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Additional purchase, however, will be charge for a pair of sock if you are not wearing one. It only costs as much as P30.

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You can also buy a cat food for P35 if you want to feed the cats. But, be warned. You’ll be swarmed by cuddly creatures with sharp nails.

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The Voyager’s Experience

Both cafes are way too awesome not to visit if you are a pet lover.

If you are stressed from work or depressed, I highly suggest you visit the two cafes. It was an amazing trip for me and my friends, and it helped me detoxify the toxicity at work.

The first cafe I’ve visited is Pawsome Dog Cafe. I have not yet visited it for the longest time because I waited for Patchi, my ever so loving travel buddy, to come visit me here at Davao so we could go there together.

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The place, although small, was amazingly comfortable and clean. The cafe at an estimate could hold upto thirty to fifty customers or maybe less.

We have not experienced their food so I can not set any expectations to my readers. However, their drinks are delicious. They offer milkteas and their own signature concoctions that is a must try.

The pet house was spacious and significantly clean. It was a big room for dogs and people to interact. However, I have to comment that the place has its strong smell. It’s not entirely a bad smell but it is a strong odor that is tolerable.

Their dogs are friendly and well tamed so I can say it’s safe to bring your kids and let them play with the dogs. But, it is advisable to let them play with guardians because they have huge dogs bigger than human beings.

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During my stay at Pawsome, I enjoyed the company of their cute but naughty pugs. We also enjoyed playing with their timid labrador and snobbish Snow. The dog I always call Bethoven (because he looks so much like the dog from the movie Bethoven) was such a cutie despite the fact that he is being bullied by three little pugs. Imagine the irony.

On my visit to Purr Box Cafe, it was with my college friends who are also my neighbors. We decided to spend time and relax at the cat cafe because we were all cat lovers.

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Two of my friends are real estate brokers and the other two are fellow licensed accountants.

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We were equally happy to find that there were more than ten cats lying around the area.

The place was beautifully set up. Comfortable, although, some of the cushions were occupied by sleeping lazy cats. Please expect that you will be sitting like campers on the floor with cushions only. Fret not. It’s clean and really comfortable.

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Unlike the first cat cafe I’ve been into, I was really shocked that the place doesn’t smell. It smells good and does not give out a bad smell.

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Their drinks were good but as my friends put it, the drinks still needs improvement. I, on the other hand, enjoyed my matcha latte. It was the right amount of sweetness, unlike other matcha drinks I’ve tasted.

Customers find enjoyment at both of the cafes I’ve been into. I tell you, if you are a pet lover, you will never regret it. Heaven, truly, is a place on earth.

Visit Pawsome Dog Cafe at the following pages for more info:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pawsomedogcafe/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/pawsomedogcafeph/ 
Opens: Cafe – 11:00AM to 9:00PM daily
Playhouse – 12:00NN to 8:00PM daily
Visit Purr Box Cafe, Supplies, Accessories and Co.’s page for more info:
Facebook – https://facebook.com/PurrBoxCafe
Opens: 10:30AM to 10:00PM Tue to Sunday
Closed on Monday
Special thanks to @trishathehag,

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