Chad Fry: Gensan’s Street Dining Shawarma

Every city, no matter how big or small, has its own delicacy or homegrown restaurant to brag about. No matter where you are, you’ll always look for the taste that brings you back home.

General Santos City is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and for generals (a name for people who lives in GenSan) its seafood is the best. However, Gensan’s food industry has paved its way to introduce new potentials and delicacies other than tuna products.

Young entrepreneurs are trying to compete with other cities in Southern Mindanao with new themed cafes, restaurants and food kiosks. Indeed, the food industry of General Santos City is booming.

With the help of social media, local homegrown brands are starting to make their name in the food industry. However, there are some that offer unique tastes but are left unknown to the public and/or social media.

Chad Fry Shawarma is one of the local street food stalls in General Santos City that is left unnoticed due to its lack of popularity over social media.

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Yes, their store is not as inviting as other food stalls in the food industry of Gensan but their food is simple and yet rarely satisfying.

If generals can get intrigued by other cities’ street dining stalls like Davao’s Roxas Boulevard, generals should patronize budding street dining stalls closer to home.

Chad fry, having a small and simple stall in the corner of Roxas Avenue, is a local homegrown brand selling one of people’s all-time favorite Middle Eastern’s snack, shawarma.

At a budget-friendly price of P50, you can enjoy a munch of a selection of shawarma on pita bread, shawarma rice, and shawarma noodles.

Chadfry’s shawarma is filled with plenty of vegetables: shredded cabbages, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions, filled with the right amount of spiced beef and wrapped in pita bread.

The distinguishing flavor that separates Chadfry’s shawarma comes from their toum. They offer delicious regular toum and a spicy one. Their spicy one is a favorite.

Toum is the white sauce on your shawarma that is often mistaken as a mayonnaise. However, toum sauce isn’t mayonnaise. It is actually garlic sauce mixed with vegetable oil or usually olive oil that gives out an aromatic spice and flavor on your meal.

Chad fry isn’t a big and known stall. It is a simple stall waiting to be discovered. But, for some, it is a taste that reminds them of home.

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