Alibaba Shawarma: The King of Shawarma in Davao City

Shawarma is an all-time favorite snack for Filipinos ever since it was introduced in the 1990’s. Every mall in the Philippines has shawarma kiosks to serve the Filipino palate. Despite its Mediterranean origins, Filipino has recreated its own shawarma flavor.

Many local stores have opened their own brand and identity recreating the favorite snack. Imitating its rich and original flavors and integrating Filipino flavors, shawarma has become a big hit in the Philippines.

In Davao City, a shawarma store introduces the authentic shawarma flavor to the public. Alibaba Shawarma introduces the flavor of Persian and Iranian shawarma and invites every Dabawenyos and shawarma enthusiasts to their store.

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You can choose chicken or beef on their menu. You can also choose to eat your shawarma in three ways – shawarma wrap, shawarma rice or pocket. Their best seller is their Alibaba Bomb, the King of All Shawarmas in Davao City.

Alibaba Bomb has a generous amount of cabbages, slices of cucumbers, grinds of meat, garnished with frizzled onions, french fries and topped off with fried egg that is wrapped in pita bread. The Alibaba bomb is drizzled with delicious garlic sauce. It’s succulently delicious.

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Alibaba Bomb

How to Get There

Alibaba Shawarma is located at Rowi Square, Mamay Road, Damosa, Lanang. Rowi Square is an area with Japanese and Asian Restaurants. It is located next to Sumo Asia Hotels.

The shawarma restaurant isn’t that big. It can cater at least twenty to thirty people. It’s more of a fresh air dining but they also have an air-conditioned area.

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You can take a jeepney ride going to Damosa IT Park. From Damosa IT Park, take a tricycle ride going to Rowi Square or walk if you’re up to having some sweats.

How Much Will You Spend

Alibaba Shawarma is one of the shawarma joints you’ll find with different styles of shawarma. They offer two types of meat for their shawarma and three types of shawarma.

They offer chicken and beef as their meat. For their shawarma, they offer it with rice, pocket and wrapped. Wrapped shawarma is the most common way a shawarma is eaten. It is wrapped with pita bread.


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Alibaba Bomb – Chicken at Php139

Pocket shawarma is a kind of shawarma with a different type of bread. Instead of wrapping it in a cylindrical way, it is like a sandwich.


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Pocket Shawarma – Beef at Php105

Their rice shawarma is generously served with lots of meat and vegetables. They use tumeric rice for their rice shawarma.

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Rice Shawarma – Beef at Php139

They also offer the king of all shawarmas in Davao City – Alibaba Bomb.

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Alibaba Bomb – Chicken at Php149

They offer unlimited toum (garlic sauce) and spicy sauce for your consumption.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThey also offer Lamb Burgers, Pita Pizza, Garlic Fries and Kebabs.

The Voyager’s Experience

As a big fan of shawarma, I’m really particular with the taste and the right consistency of spices and toum complimenting together.

I can say that Alibaba Shawarma is one of the best shawarmas I’ve ever tasted so far. It’s far better than the mainstream shawarma you see on your local malls.

The first time I ate Alibaba Bomb, I chose chicken as the meat. I can say that it is heavenly delicious. The serving is huge and generous with the meat and the vegetables. You’ll probably have a hard time biting because it’s really huge and scrumptious. The egg compliments the taste.

It’s also a belly bulger. One shawarma and you’ll go full and have the need to unbotton your pants to breathe better.

Their toum and the green spices also made the experience better. It’s free and you can put as much garlic sauce as you want.

Their beef shawarma is also great. The beef doesn’t have a bad after taste compared to other shawarmas I’ve tasted. For the pocket shawarma, it’s a new experience for me.

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It was the first time I’ve eaten such bread. It wasn’t like the pita bread. Pocket shawarma, however is more messier to eat than the wrapped shawarma.

Rooms for improvement, however, is that they need to thoroughly clean their utensils because there was an instance that their glasses still smelled of spices.

What I do love about Alibaba Shawarma is their friendly crews who accomodated us. We usually bring our guests from Cebu to Alibaba Shawarma.

Most of them vouched that it is one of the best shawarma. However, Filipino as we are, they still would comment that it lacks the sweetness Filipinos crave for on a shawarma.

But for me, Alibaba Shawarma’s Alibaba Bomb is the best so far in Davao City.

Have a taste and be the judge.

Visit Alibaba Shawarma at the following page(s):
Facebook –
Daily-11:00AM to 11:00PM


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