Fire up and Grill! Welcome to Gensan’s 27th Grill Avenue

Wave your tongs up high because 27th Grill Avenue is flaming up the grill!

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The Korean-inspired shabu-shabu restaurant with its affordable and delicious food has served hundreds of couples, families, and group of friends for two years. The restaurant started flaming up their grill and started serving good food since September 18, 2015.

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As the tagline goes, ‘Taga-Gensan ka kung kabalo ka asa ni’ (You’re from Gensan if you know this place). Almost everyone in Gensan knows where 27th Grill Avenue is. It’s the home for fiery, meaty, and affordable goodness in one grill.

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If you’re not familiar with 27th Grill Avenue, you should visit the place. You’ll be amazed at its artistic interior, good ambiance, and delicious food. Meat lovers will definitely love the place. Korean fans will also enjoy their bulgogi meals, kimchi, and ramen as it is both delicious and affordable.

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It’s one of the first local restaurants in Gensan offering the fire and grill experience. You get to cook your own food with friends, family, or loved ones which makes the bonding over food more fun.

The idea was born from the creativity and resourcefulness of two young entrepreneurs, Jannie Natividad and Flabert Villasencio, and supported by three capitalist partners. Lo and Behold! 27th Grill Avenue arises.

How to Get There

Originally, 27th Grill Avenue is located at Recto Laurel but as business is booming, the restaurant needed to relocate to a bigger space. Now, it is located along Quirino Avenue.

It can easily be spotted as the place is a prominent sight. They offer al fresco dining or if you prefer dining in, then you can opt to do so.

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From SM City Mall of Gensan, you can take a tricycle going to 27th Grill Avenue. The average fare in Gensan from SM to 27th Grill Avenue is eight peso.

How Much Will You Spend

27th Grill Avenue is a place best with the gang or the family. It is one of the few places in Gensan where eating is more fun and more interactive. They offer squad grills good for four, five, and eight people.

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Their squad grills is a complete set of meal inclusive of rice, drinks, vegetables, and a variety of meat. Their variety of meat can range from beef, chicken, pork, cold cuts (hotdog,hams,etc), and seafood.

For four people, squad grill costs P399, P489 for five people, and P789 for eight people. There are three different set meals you can choose from.

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Their must-try meals are their fish cake, all-day breakfast meals, colored soda, ramen and mango float.

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If you’re lazy and you don’t like grilling, you can order bulgogi rice meal or pinoy rice meals. Price starts at P70. You can also order extra dishes or additional side dishes at P20.

It’s an affordable to-go-to food trip destination with the dabarkads. You can spend less than P800 and have a happy tummy along with your friends. This is already inclusive of desserts.



The Voyager’s Experience

27th Grill Avenue tugs a special string in my heart because, for one, this is the first restaurant where I first met my significant other who has been my ally, my bestfriend, and my confidante for two years.

My significant other and I met two days after the grand opening of 27th Grill Avenue last September 2015. In celebration of our second anniversary this November, I am paying homage to the place where we first met.

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27th Grill Avenue is one of the many restaurants in Gensan that are striving in the food industry. I have seen its growth from the small store they had in Recto Laurel to their new location in Quirino. From their start to now, they have earned regular customers who patronize their food and service.

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They have improved over  the years and offered additional food that are still affordable and are still delicious. Their location, interior design, and ambiance is as friendly and as homey as ever.

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The food is quite affordable for friends and family to enjoy.

I love their new addition to their menu which is their fish cake. The sauce is deliciously spicy. However, I recommend to improve the sauce on their meat for grilling or provide condiments for the customer to create their own sauce according to their liking.

I have to applaud their staffs’ accommodation as they were attentive to their customer’s needs such as voluntarily approaching us to provide oil on our griller. Kudos to the staffs and hopefully this amazing service will continue.

Their desserts was delicious as we had to order their mango float and their knicker bucker. So far, their knicker bucker is one of the good knicker buckers I’ve tasted in General Santos City. However, I have to admit I’m not a big fan of knicker buckers.

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As many restaurants and cafes sprout around in General Santos City, 27th Grill Avenue is one of the local restaurants that offers budget friendly menu that never goes out of style.

For more fire and grill stories, visit 27th Grill Avenue at the following page(s):
Facebook –
Opens: Mon-Sat 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Sun 5:00PM to 10:00PM


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