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Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen: Advocate of Organic Produce and Philippines’ Tribal Arts and Culture

Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen is one of the restaurants you should visit when going to Davao City. It is one of the many restaurants that will give you a full experience of the Philippines.


Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen is a restaurant that will satisfy your stomach and will warm your soul. It is a restaurant that supports organic and fresh produce and is pro-environment with its advocacy to recycle and re-use materials. It is one of the few restaurants all over the Philippines that also supports the indigenous people.


True to its name, Balik Bukid (back to farm) Farm and Kitchen displays beautiful interior using iconic materials that are usually used by the forefathers of the Filipinos. The restaurant also offers Filipino food with organic ingredients that are freshly picked from their farm in Wangan, Calinan.

Filipino tree house

The theme of the restaurant is the portrayal of the actual life of the forefathers of the Philippines, especially for the Mindanaoans. Balik Bukid is a restaurant that shows off life on the farm and also provides special performances from actual indigenous people who are ascendants of every Filipino.


If you are a Filipino and living in Mindanao, you need to visit the restaurant at least once in your life as it will tug a string in your soul that will make you more passionate in the tribal arts and culture of the Filipino indigenous people.


Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen allows live performances from actual indigenous people that will make you feel proud of coming to the Philippines or make you proud of actually being a Filipino. They perform with their hearts and soul and enjoy performing for their audiences.

How to Get There

Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen has two restaurants in Davao City. One is within city proper and the other is on their farm which is an hour away from the city.


If you are within the city you can visit their restaurant near Ecoland Terminal. You can take a jeepney ride going to Sandawa Plaza or if you’re coming from Ecoland Terminal, you can walk from there or take a taxi ride.

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How Much Will You Spend

Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen serves organic ingredients and advocates go-green lifestyle for their visitors. They serve Filipino dishes served in the most unique presentation. If you order a fish meal, it will be served on a wooden plate shaped like a fish. If pork, you guess it. It shapes like a pig. You get the idea for the chicken.

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Pork shaped plate with ensaladang talong, grilled pork and blue rice

Their menu may range up to P150 to P300 a dish. They offer vegetable salads, fish, pork, chicken and beef meals.

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Bestseller for chicken – Mushroom Chicken
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Pan seared Garlic Malasugue
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Home made bread platter with Kesong Puti
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Fried Ice Cream

You can choose from their colored rice (white, blue, yellow) but their most famous rice is their blue rice. The blue rice tastes like an ordinary rice but the pigment that makes it blue comes from blue ternate flower which is known to be full of antioxidants.

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Famous blue rice

You can choose from the variety of dishes from their menu which is encased inside a board game. Witty, right?


You can also enjoy your dinner listening to Filipino music. Not the OPM type but music from ancestral instruments and hymns from different tribes in the Philippines.


The Voyager’s Experience

I have seen over social media the restaurant but I have never imagined how it could leave such an impact on me being a Filipino.

In all honesty, if I could rate all the restaurants I have been to, Balik Bukid will have a hard 5/5. Complete with showing off the beautiful arts, music, and culture of the Filipino tribes, it also offers delicious organic food from natural farming.

Not only that, I can see that the performers were happy performing during my visit there. They are proud of their tribes’ art and music. You can see how passionate they are performing and you can see that they have high respect for the owner.


I also heard that part of the restaurant’s proceeds is given to help support indigenous people. As a voyager advocating the beauty of Mindanao and the Philippines, I am so touched and proud that a fellow Filipino can think of something like this restaurant concept.


I had to shake the owner and his wife’s hands for doing such a wonderful job. As a blogger,  I will continually support and share restaurants and places like this. It tugs a string in your heart to do something to preserve the beautiful and rich culture of the Philippines and its people.

I, for one, has the heart and service for the tribal Filipino which profiteers exploited by taking away their lands for money and to which the government gave less consideration.

If doing something like advocating restaurants like Balik Bukid changes the world a little, then I will do something.

Support Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen as they help preserve local arts, culture, and music. Love your Tribes. Visit their Facebook page at
Opens: Daily – 11:00AM to 2:00PM
5:00PM – 10:00PM


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