Starting the New Year with Project Paella in Davao City

Hola, Prospero Ano Nuevo!

Did I say it right? I meant to say ‘Hello, Happy New Year!’ in Spanish.

It is indeed 2018 and a new adventure awaits. We are about to embark on a new year with new challenges, new horizons to pursue, new people to meet, new places to discover and new food to add to our palate’s dictionary.

And yes, food is part of the new year. Jumpstart 2018 by trying out some paella at Project Paella.


Project Paella, with a minimalist and rustic designed interior, is a restaurant that welcomes you with their dishes’ rich and enticing aroma. From the moment you’ll open their yellow door, you’ll never go out without having a taste of their food.


One would automatically take a look at what’s cooking on the glassed window of their tiny kitchen. Three big pans with different colored rice; you’ll find yourself wondering how those delectable dishes taste in your mouth.

What are paellas, you’ll wonder?

When you talk about Spanish dishes, one might blurt out ‘paella’ out of the blue. Paella is a symbolic dish in Spain. The dish specifically originated in the regions of Valencia, Spain. The term originated from the French (paelle) and Latin (patella) word meaning pan. This is because the dish is cooked in a large pan.


Paella, although having different variations, is a dish containing white rice, meat or seafood, green beans, vegetables, and seasonings such as saffron and rosemary.

Many experts in the culinary art find the preparation of the dish quite challenging. Challenging as it is, Chef Antonio ‘Uno’ Tupas offers paella as the main dish of the restaurant.

The restaurant offers three paella variation: Paella Valenciana, Paella Negra, and Paella Mariscos.

Paella Negra is quite the most enticing for the adventurous palates. It is not the usual paella with yellowish rice. Instead, it is a paella with black colored rice. Paella Negra is cooked with squid’s ink and with squid meat.


Paella Mariscos is a paella without the meat but with all the seafood. Project Paella’s Mariscos contains fish, shellfish, squid, and shrimp.

Paella Valenciana is the most common paella we usually see because it is the original paella dish. Project Paella’s Valenciana includes chicken, shrimp, shellfish, Spanish chorizo, and squid.

2018-01-10 10.50.55 1.jpg

Not only do they serve paella alone but they also serve delicious tapaTapa in Spanish means appetizer or snack. Their best seller is their salpicao. It is made of mouthwatering cubed beef sirloin minced with garlic and spices in a pan of flavorful sauce.

2018-01-10 10.50.54 1.jpg

Wrap up your meal with their sweet and delicious churro. Their churro has a dark chocolate dip. It is an explosion of sweet and bitter flavor. You can choose lemonade and sangria for your drink.


How To Get There

Project Paella is at F. Torres Street corner Mabini Street in Davao City. Restaurants near Project Paella is Soul Kitchen Co. or Cafe Demitasse. Project Paella is the restaurant with a blaring yellow door.

To get there you either take a taxi or you can opt to take a jeep.

  1. Take a jeepney ride going to Bajada (G-Mall, Abreeza, SM Lanang).
  2. Drop at J.P Laurel, Shell.
  3. Take a tricycle ride going to Cafe Demitasse.
  4. Drop before Cafe Demitasse. You’ll see the restaurant easily.

Jeepney fare is less than P10. Tricycle ride is P7. (Prices may change)


How Much Will You Spend

Paella is P180 per plate. It serves one person only. Their tapas range from P180-220.  It’s good for 1-2 person. Their drinks cost P60 and their churros with about six pieces cost P150.

Budget range for two people: P500-700.

Try out some Spanish dishes at Project Paella.
Visit their Facebook page at
Follow their Instagram at @projectpaella
Opens: Mon to Sat – 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Closes on SUNDAY

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Special thanks to Patricia Manalansan.

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