Dumpling Heaven in Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar

A hidden culinary gem!

That’s how you describe this small and homey dumpling bar at Circumferential Road in Marfori Heights, Davao City.

Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar is a Chinese restaurant that you won’t expect to hold one of the best dumplings in Davao City at such an affordable price. The restaurant is unnoticeable if not for its signage and cute blue door. Unlike other restaurants in Davao City, the restaurant is not eye catching because it is not adorned with any aesthetics.


If you’re the type of person to judge a restaurant according to its interior only, then you might rate the restaurant as an average or below average restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is simple as it is. But, how come a small and simply decorated restaurant gets packed by people?

True to the words ‘Do not judge the book by its cover’, Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar proves that it’s not aesthetics that makes customers become regulars in a restaurant.

People come back to Caitlyn’s because they offer one of the best dumplings in Davao. They offer delicious noodles that you can enjoy and share with your friends, fried rice that compliments well with their dumplings, and of course their menu that offers more than twenty types of dumplings.

2018-01-14 10.24.47 1.jpg

What makes Caitlyn’s unique is that the restaurant is inclusive to the demographic customers in Davao City as they offer their famous vegan dumplings that people on a diet and people who are vegan would surely love.

They prepare their dumplings from fresh ingredients, without any preservatives and extenders and with less to zero MSG.

Patrons also come back because of their ever famous macha butchi and chocolate lava buchi. Aside from the matcha buchi, one of the experiences Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar can offer is Xiao Lang Bao. Xiao Lang Bao is a dumpling rarely served in ordinary Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines. Xia Lang Bao is a watery dumpling that is traditionally served with a soup.

The best thing about Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar is that their food is delicious, affordable and the price is reasonable. So if you’re planning to splurge on food with your friends, make sure you try and visit Caitlyn’s.

2018-01-14 10.24.46 1.jpg

Brief History of Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar

Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar started as a small stall during the 2014 Kadayawan Bazaar. With the help of social media and word of mouth, Caitlyn’s became popular that the founders  decided to open a store in Marfori Heights. The restaurant is run by the Buyco family.

How to Get There

Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar is located at Circumferential Road, Marfori Heights in Davao. It is located near Bella Vie Building. Bella Vie Building is the building where you can find Yolks Flower Cafe. You can go to Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar by doing the following:

  1. Ride a jeepney with Bajada route. (Victoria, G-Mall, Abreeza, SM Lanang route)
  2. Drop at JP Laurel’s Shell Station. It is the Shell station near F.Torres.
  3. Take a tricycle ride going to Marfori Heights.
  4. Tell the driver to go to Batu Cafe. Batu Cafe is in front of Bella Vie Building.
  5. Walk to Bella Vie building and locate Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar. It’s near the study hub cafe.

Jeepney ride is around P8 and tricycle ride going to Marfori Heights may cost up to P15-30 depending on the driver.

How Much Will You Spend

Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar is definitely one of the most inexpensive yet delicious restaurants I’ve been to so far. Their dumplings and noodles cost less than P100 with at least six pieces of dumplings already.

2018-01-14 10.24.46 2.jpg

To try more varieties of their dumplings, choose Caitlyn’s Dimsum platter. It will cost you P145 for ten pieces of dumpling goodness. Caitlyn’s dimsum platter consists of pork and shrimp siomai, Caitlyn’s dumpling, Japanese siomai, Chicken and beef siomai.

You can order their Hakao and their Xiao Lang Bao. Their fried rice ranges up to P30 to P60 only. Their buchi costs P90. You will surely love their matcha buchi. Never miss out on trying their vegan dumplings. It’s only P65.

Budget range for two people: P200-500.

Love dumplings? Have some at Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar.
For more info, visit their Facebook page at
Opens: Daily – 10:00AM to 9:00PM

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Special thanks to Vincent Ontolan, Reyboy Gudmalin and Paolo Bataller

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