Enjoy Good Food on a Tight Budget with Cafe Mi Corazon

With all these restaurants and cafes popping out of Davao City, you’ll have to wonder where to enjoy a good treat with a tight budget. If you’re adventurous enough, you’ll surely discover underrated restaurants and cafe in the city that you’ll surely enjoy.

Cafe Mi Corazon is one of the small hidden joints in Davao City where you can enjoy good food and good ambiance on a tight budget. At less than P200, you can enjoy a meal, a drink, and a delicious dessert.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetHidden in the small alley of Ponciano, you’ll discover a cute cafe with beautiful and artistic doodles and colorful paintings on their walls. The cafe is small and can only cater around 15-20 customers. However, it surely is a must try because the place is creatively painted.Processed with VSCO with g3 presetThe cafe serves rice meals, pasta meals, pizza, and sandwiches. Although small, the cafe is famous for their dessert. People visit their place because of the ingenious dessert – the cookie shot.Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The cookie shot is not only unique. It is also affordable. Their ingenious dessert costs P55 without the ice cream and costs P75 with the ice cream. There are different cookie flavors you can choose from. You can choose from the signature cookie shot and double chocolate. It’s usually rare for them to offer matcha cookie shot but they also offer them.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

How To Get There

Cafe Mi Corazon is a restaurant that opened last August 2016. It is one of the underrated cafes you surely should try if you’re looking for something new. To get to Cafe Mi Corazon, you can either take a taxi ride or a jeepney ride going to Ponciano.

  1. If you’re commuting, take a jeepney ride with a route going to either UM, Acacia, Ponciano or San Pedro.
  2. Take a stop on 7/11 Ponciano. It’s the nearest 7/11 to PLDT or Davao Light in Ponciano.
  3. In front of 7/11 there’s a compound with different stalls inside.
  4. Go to the right alley of the compound. It is the entrance where you can see dental clinics. You can find Cafe Mi Corazon on the right side of the compound.

How Much Will You Spend

Cafe Mi Corazon is a haven for foodies who want to discover new restaurants without having to spend too much dough.

The cafe will make you spend less than P200 if you order a rice meal with drinks and their famous cookie shot.

Their rice meal ranges from P70 to P110 only. It is also inclusive of drinks. Their best seller for rice meal is their chicken in white sauce. Their pasta with drinks cost around P80 to P105. Their spaghetti isn’t as delicious as Jollibee Spaghetti but it’s doable. Their carbonara, however, is a good meal.

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Their snacks is delicious and worth the price you’re paying. Make sure you try their potato croquettes. The price range for their snacks is around P45-P100.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Their pizza is around P160 to P190. Of course, never miss a chance of ordering their cookie shot. I highly recommend to order with ice cream.


Budget for 2 people: P200-P400

The Voyager’s Recommendation

The restaurant isn’t a big place so it is best if you can go there not on peak hours. There are around five tables only. It can’t hold a large group of people.

If you’re going to dine there, make sure you order their signature cookie shot with ice cream. Also, if you’re a potato lover, order their potato croquettes. It’s delicious.

Wanna try their cookie shot? Visit them
or like their Facebook page at
Opens: Mon-Sat 11:00AM-09:00PM
Sunday 12:00PM – 08:00PM

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Special thanks to Patricia Manalansan.

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