How to Cool off the Summer Heat with These Five Delicious Treats in Davao

Summer is in and the sun is out!

Put on your sunscreen and wear your shades because summer 2018 is raging hot. It’s that time of the year again where everyone flaunts their beach bodies, go to beaches, and enjoy a dip in the pool.

It’s also that time again where ice cold quenchers, ice creams, and anything that’s cold is such a delight. So, if you’re looking for places in Davao to have a break from all the heat and savor a cold treat, then read on.

Balik Bukid’s Tsokolate Islands and Fried Ice Cream

Although some people enjoy the beach, there are some who prefer to go to the countryside and enjoy the refreshing ambiance of nature.

However, if you prefer bukid over beaches and you don’t have time to drive miles to go to it, then you can just visit Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen and enjoy one of the most delicious gourmet ice creams that will ever grace your tongue.

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Their Tsokolate Islands is an ice cream dish made out of three scoops of tablea ice cream sandwiched in tulle bread. You can also choose between an assortment of vanilla and tablea ice cream. The dish is topped with warm chocolate syrup that brings heavenly flavor in your mouth. The dish costs P185.

One of their best selling desserts aside from the Tsokolate Islands is their Fried Ice Cream that costs only P150.

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Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen
Sandawa Plaza, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City
Opens: Daily 11:00AM – 2:00PM, 5:00PM – 10:00PM
For more info, read blog post:

Cafe Mi Corazon’s Cookie Shots

If you’re looking for a delicious treat to save you from the summer heat with a tight budget, then Cafe Mi Corazon’s Cookie shot is definitely a God-sent treat.

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Cafe Mi Corazon’s ingenious invention costs only P75. You can choose from either double chocolate or their signature cookie shot. The cookie shot is topped with vanilla ice cream.

Cafe Mi Corazon’s location is a little bit hidden in the streets of Ponciano but the place is a good gem to find.

Cafe Mi Corazon
Building 1, Stall No: 6, Doña Segunda St,
C. Bangoy Street, Poblacion District, Davao City
Opens: Mon-Sat 11:00AM-9:00PM, Sun 12:00PM-8:00PM
For more info, read blog post:

Ice Cream Sandwiches of Cheddy’s Delight

Cheddy’s Delight is a little ice cream sandwich shop found in SM Lanang and SM City Davao. They also opened a small stall in Boxed Up Davao. Even if their stall is just small, they offer one of the most delectable ice cream sandwiches that are perfect to beat the summer heat.


The ice cream is sandwiched with deliciously baked brownies and bread. The ice cream isn’t too sweet and the bread compliments perfectly the ice cream flavor. They serve pocket-sized ice cream sandwiches, too. It costs around P20 to P40. The ice cream flavors are but not limited to chocolate mint, chocolate, blue vanilla, matcha, strawberry, ube, and more.

Cheddy’s Delight
SM City Davao at Ecoland
SM Lanang
Boxed Up

Macao Imperial Tea

If you’re the type to while away your summer strolling inside the mall, then best to chill at SM Lanang’s newest tea shop – Macao Imperial Tea. Macao Imperial Tea is a renowned international brand of tea shops. They offer ice cold milk teas and iced coffees.


Buy a specific flavor and you get to bring home a cute glassed tumbler for P195. You can also choose from a variety of milk tea and other desserts.

Frookies and Frozen Yogurt Bar of Yoh-Froz

Yoh-Froz is a haven for every frozen yogurt loving fan in Davao City. They offer delicious frozen yogurt served in different styles. They serve it as a replacement for ice creams in a banana split, they serve it in parfaits, and for milkshakes.


They also bring you delicious frookies and frozen yogurt bar. They offer different flavors of their frozen yogurt bar. They have rice crispies, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, green tea, red bean, and taro. One bar costs P80 but P90 for special flavors.

Their frookies costs P110 and is as big as the size of your palm. Flavors range from praline almond, brownie batter, berry velvet, peanut butter kisses and frookie monsters.


Davao Autoville Center, F.Torres Street, Davao City
Opens: Fri – Sat 24hrs, Sun-Thu 12:00-11:00PM

If you ever find yourself looking for a place to cool off the summer heat and enjoy something delectable, then go to these places and have a break from the heat.

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Special thanks to Patricia Manalansan, Vincent Paul Ontolan, and Reyboy Gudmalin for tagging along on these food trips.

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