The Hidden Restaurant in Davao: Finding Yourself in Out of Nowhere

“Sometimes you find yourself in Out of Nowhere, and sometimes in Out of Nowhere you find yourself..chowing more food.”

This is a made-up quote by a voracious hungry blogger who found an extraordinary and hidden restaurant in the middle of Davao City.

Out of Nowhere Kitchen is a restaurant that appears to be located in a not-so-typical place you would expect a restaurant to be. For first-timers, you’d probably be in awe to discover a restaurant that is existing literally out of nowhere.


The restaurant started operating last October 2016 and has already opened a new branch in Torres. Their first branch is secluded in a small road at Mamay Road in Lanang. It’s really a restaurant that is hard to find. Thank God for Google Maps and other navigator apps!


The restaurant in Torres, similar to the restaurant in Mamay Road, can also be difficult to locate as it is also tucked in a small street in a residential area.

However, once you get to Out of Nowhere, you’ll find the place aesthetically elegant. The interior is flourished with rustic designs and the walls are elegantly and artistically painted by hand with beautiful murals.


Unlike your typical restaurants, it isn’t just the interior that makes the customers come back. It’s the sumptuous pastries and meals that they offer. So, how do you find yourself going to Out of Nowhere?

How To Get There

I have been into two Out of Nowhere branches. If you want to go to Out of Nowhere – Lanang then the exact address is Block 2, Lot 5, Doña Alegre St., Mamay Road Anglionto, Dona Alegre St., Lanang, Davao City.


If you’re coming from Damosa Land, then you can either walk, take a taxi, or ride a trike. Local tricycle drivers usually know where to find the place but if they don’t tell your driver to go straight to Ana’s Breeder’s Farm and move further until you see the Out of Nowhere Sign.


You know you’re on the right road if you make a right on a secluded way before the Big Apple Hotel. Further on, there will be signs going to Out of Nowhere.


If you want to go to Out of Nowhere – Torres and you’re just commuting, then you can take a tricycle ride from Fairlanes. You tell the driver to go to Out of Nowhere Torres. If your driver is not familiar with Out of Nowhere, then tell them to head straight to Nanay Bebeng’s. The restaurant is in a street before you actually reach Nanay Bebeng’s restaurant.


Once you see the Voyager Street sign, then tell your driver to enter that street. You can also just drop there and walk to the restaurant. The restaurant is just a two to five minute walk from the street sign.

How Much Will You Spend

Out of Nowhere’s menu isn’t as luxurious as other restaurants in Davao City. Although, their price is a little bit pricey especially for students yet the food is totally worth the money you pay for. Not only is it delicious but it will also leave you satisfyingly full.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Out of Nowhere has been coined as the favorite restaurant of the locals in Davao City. One of the favorite dishes recommended by them is their delicious grilled chickens. Their grilled chickens have a variety of flavor that will literally tickle your taste buds.


They offer asian flavors such as satay, teriyaki, and the famous inasal flavor of the Philippines. They offer steaks, soups, pasta, nachos and delicious juice concoctions.


They also offer burgers and a 16-inch submarine sandwich.


Their cakes and desserts are worth trying. The calories from the treat is worth it! A usual dining of one meal may cost around P180-300.

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Budget for 2 people: P400-700


The Voyager’s Recommendation

Out of Nowhere Kitchen is one of the best finds in Davao City. If you’re not a local, you should at least find time to dine in here. It offers delicious food with good ambiance. The staffs are also accomodating and the place is comfortable as the space is wide and you will not have a hard time finding a table. It’s also good for group dates or dates with the gang.

Recommended order: Grilled Chicken Trifecta – Chicken Teriyaki, Satay Chicken, and Caribbean Grilled Chicken. All at P180 each.


Get your appetite lost in the paradise of Out of Nowhere
Like their page:
Out of Nowhere – Lanang
Out of Nowhere – Torres
Oh! And they also have Out of Nowhere – Matina –
Opens: Mon-Sat 10:00AM-10:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM – 01:00PM

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