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How I Manage to Waste a Month on Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


I have seen this quote far too many times floating over social media at the end of March 2018 and I’ve always wondered what it means.

It was then that I saw a video game vlog about Player’s Unkown Battlegrounds. I said to myself, “Wow! This game looks great.” It was that and the fact that I liked the content of the vlogger.

It was a video compilation of PUBG matches with funny voice-overs by a Filipino vlogger, Razziebinx.

After watching some of his videos floating online, a sponsored post (I think) appeared on my Facebook giving me a link to Google Play suggesting to download the game.

Of course, player by heart, I downloaded the game, started playing it and the rest was history.

Well, more like I’ve almost wasted my entire April playing PUBG.

I got so addicted that I even got migraines and I was unable to go to work almost two weeks. Despite the piercing migraines, it didn’t stop me from playing.

However, for now, I limit myself with around two matches on weekdays that last 30 to 45 minutes each match and I spend around two to three hours on weekends playing with my friends.

PUBG is a third-person shooter game where you can round up three of your Facebook friends or online friends and play as a team in a match.

You play with actual people all around the globe and compete with each other to become the last man or the last team standing. In a match, there are 100 players (including your team) competing for the chicken dinner.


You start off jumping from an airplane to different locations, loot for weapons on abandoned houses, find health kits, bandages, armors and things that help you survive.

As the match progresses, the play area gets smaller and smaller. If you play outside the play area, it will cost you your health and maybe your life.

That’s basically the rule of the game! There are other games on the market. There is Rules of Survival and Fortnite, however, I opt for PUBG because I like the graphics more especially the 0.4 update. It includes picturesque dusk mode.


Although there are many benefits to playing PUBG mobile such as meeting new friends and making stronger bonds with your homies, it still takes most of your time for self-improvement.

A month playing PUBG mobile costs me a lot of my time. Instead of reading new books, exercise (which I rarely do), work more, blog; I got stuck with PUBG Mobile.


I’m not saying I’m quitting PUBG Mobile. Man, it gets me going every time the team gets that glorious Chicken Dinner. It’s addicting. I’m just saying I’ll be wiser with my time from now on. Not just my time but my health.

If you’re still reading this, here are some tips on how to manage your time.

  1. Make a time schedule for your week and day when you can play PUBG. For me, it’s on weekends and holidays. Usually, I play every 10 AM to 12 NN and 7PM TO 10PM in Philippine time.
  2. Spend not more than three hours playing the game or if you spend too much time with it, have some rest before each match.
  3. Eat and get a bath first before you play. Taking a bath before playing helps protect your eyes from strains.
  4. Avoid playing during work hours if you’re employed. It’s unethical. If you happen to catch me, remind me this.
  5. Always make time for your partner, your family, your friends in real life and most importantly for yourself. Find time for self-improvement.

If you happen to be a PUBG Mobile player, add me: SizzleFizzle. Professionals play mobile games to destress, too.


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