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A Guide to Not Being a Spoiler

If you happen to read this, chances are you are a spoiler or you know someone who spoils your favorite movie, tv series, or book.

Over the internet, there are a lot of guides to avoid spoilers but not so many guides on not to become a spoiler. So, allow me to teach you how to avoid being a spoiler and maybe remind you that spoilers usually don’t get invited to parties.

Let’s start with the facts!

We really can’t avoid spoilers over the internet because let’s face it – there’s Facebook. There are also other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr where people go to every day to check in for news and updates. And, unfortunately, some people just can’t hold their horses on sharing and posting reactions on their timeline.

Avoiding spoilers is close to impossible. You might even spoil things unknowingly over the internet especially if you passionately tweet your movie reaction on Twitter.

Sure, it’s our free space and freedom of speech to have the right to tell what we want and feel. But, we should be sensitive and respect other fans too. Let other people enjoy!

Here is my personal guide on not to become a spoiler.

Rule #1 Acceptance

The first rule on how to not become a spoiler is admitting that you are a spoiler or can become a spoiler, too.

We can be so zealous on something especially if a movie, a book, a TV series resonates so strongly with our soul. It’s a normal reaction to be hyped on something so hype-worthy.

However, we tend to forget that we don’t own the world and the thing we strongly connect with, connects with other people, too.

Rule #2 Put Yourself on Other’s Shoes

Sometimes when I’m about to tweet something on Twitter, I ask myself first, “If I read this same tweet from other people, will I get mad? Does it spoil the movie?”

If the answer is yes, then I don’t post it. Let’s put ourselves on other people’s shoes. There’s a word for it in the dictionary. It’s called empathy.

It’s easier not to spoil something if you are aware of other people’s feelings. What would your reaction be if someone tells you the entire plot of a movie you’ve waited for fifteen years? If it hurts you, it’ll hurt other people, too. Some people will hurt more because it resonates to their soul more.

Try to remember all the posts that made you swear all the swear words you know. Think about those posts before you post your movie or tv series reaction. Does it have the same content that spoils the plot of a movie or a book? If it does, then don’t post it.

Rule #3 Ask People If It’s Okay to Spoil

There are parts of a movie or a book you just can’t not talk about. If you really want to talk about it with your friends, try to ask them first if telling a part of it will spoil the enjoyment and thrill of the movie or not.

If they don’t care, you can spoil away. If they do, then halt your horses, kid!

Rule #4 Don’t Converse Publicly with Your Friends

Don’t initiate a conversation publicly that might spoil anything in a book, series, or a movie.

Shoot your friend a DM or a message in messenger. For the heck of it, send your movie reaction over the e-mail. Better yet, invite them over for coffee and talk about the movie personally. It strengthens your friendship.

Rule #5 Just be a Decent Person

Just be a decent person and not spoil things up. Movies and books aren’t made for people to compete on who gets to watch it first or not.

If you watch it first, spoiling doesn’t make you superior to others. You’re just being a dick.

Understand that not all people have the time and the means to watch or to read a book that is important to the core of their being.

Just respect other people. For you, it may just be a movie but for others, it’s their passion or the only thing that keeps them going.

So, just don’t spoil movies, series, or books, okay?

Let’s wrap this up. It’s a given fact that people hate spoilers but we can’t avoid becoming one sometimes. It’s better to be aware that we can become one and avoid it by simply putting ourselves on other people’s shoes.

Let’s become more aware of our reactions on social media. However, if you do know that you’re a spoiler and you don’t care or have an ounce of respect for other people’s feeling then you need to change your attitude.

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