How to Enjoy Siargao in 23 Ways for the Non-Surfers

Siargao is the island destination that everyone is talking about. It is the island paradise found in the province of Surigao Del Norte and is the surfing capital of the Philippines.

Traveling to Siargao can be done by plane via connecting flights through Cebu and recently, through Davao City.

If you’re from Mindanao, you either have to get a connecting flight or travel by land and get a ferry ride from Surigao City to Siargao Island. The ferry ride from Surigao City to Siargao is only open from 5:00AM to 12:00NN.

There are a lot of fun things you can do at Siargao. For one, Siargao is a destination for thrill seekers. If you enjoy surfing or want to try the activity, then Siargao is your place.

However, if you’re indecisive on whether or not to book a flight to Siargao because you’re afraid that you might not enjoy it because you are not a surfer or refuse to try surfing then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of things to do in Siargao other than surfing. Here are the twenty-three ways to enjoy Siargao for the non-surfers.

1. Enjoy Beautiful Sunsets
Best places to take sunset pictures are on Naked Island and Cloud 9. However, Siargao is a paradise per se so there are other places you can catch picturesque sunsets other than these places. See Journey Era’s blog post for sunset places in Siargao. 8 AWESOME SUNSET SPOTS ON SIARGAO ISLAND.

2. Have a taste of Siargao’s Pan de Totoy
Yes! You heard that, right. Siargao offers a type of bread called pan de totoy which is a surfboard shaped bread with sweetened coconut meat shreds inside. It is also known as Bico de cinnamon. It costs around P20 for a pair of pan de totoy.

3. Stroll around the Boardwalk
Stroll around Siargao’s notable landmark – the Boardwalk. Previously, strolling at the Boardwalk costs nothing. However, the local government decided to provide a P50 entrance fee.

4. Support Local! Buy some arts and crafts
There are many locals who make handmade accessories like bracelets, necklaces and other arts and craft. Buy some and take Siargao to your home. It is both a trinket and a support for the striving locals of the island.

5. Beat the Heat with some Fro-yo
You can buy some delicious frozen yogurts at Cloud 9.

6. Grab a Book and Hang at the Beach
If you like to wile your time with a book then go bring one and chill at Cloud 9’s beach. There are a lot of shades there. You can also read books while you spectate at surfers.

7. Get Yourself Some Siargao Sinugatan
Siargao Sinugatan is a brand for favorite Filipino condiments. They sell angsuhan or shrimp paste, ginamos or salted anchovy sauce, natural coconut vinegar and other local products. Tasting these local delicacies will complete your Siargao travel. (Credits to Siargao Sinugatan for the pictures)

8. Join an Island Hopping Tour
There are three beautiful islands for you to explore if you join on an island hopping tour. The three islands are Guyam Island, Isla Daku, and Naked Island. The three islands have a different majestic allure that separates one from the other.

9. Wander around Guyam’s Island
Guyam Island is the first island to welcome you on the island hopping tour. It’s a small island with tall coconut trees that gives refreshing shade for tourists. You can lay down some mat and have a picnic there with your friends or family. You can laze off or you can play with your friends at the shallow waters.

10. Experience Death Defying Boat Rides
Siargao can have tempest waves on days. So, if you’re a first timer in Siargao, prepare yourself to have some extreme boat rides. Siargao, after all, is known for its strong and big waves. Although terrifying, it’s one of the most thrilling experiences in Siargao.

11. Beach bum at Isla Daku
Isla Daku is the second island on the island hopping tour. It’s the biggest island among the three islands. It is one of the favorite islands among tourists. You can let the waves crash on your feet and enjoy the heat of the sun kiss your skin.

12. Play Volleyball with other tourists at Isla Daku
Playing beach volleyball with other enthusiasts is a fun activity. Not only does it keep you active on a vacation, it also paves ways to new friendships.

13. Discover the Sandbars of Naked Island
Naked Island is a small island without any shades at all. It’s a deserted island with only its fine white sand to welcome you. The island holds a mystic sandbar where you can stroll along and let the waves crash on your feet on all sides.

14. Jump and Dive at Sugba Lagoon’s Famous Diving Board
Sugba Lagoon is a favorite destination in Siargao for travelers. It is a breathtaking lagoon hidden in the mangrove forests and mountains of Del Carmen. The beautiful blue pristine waters are perfect for sports activities. Of course, one of the activities you can do at Sugba Lagoon is to take a photo of you on the edge of its famous diving board. However, you can do the extreme and take the leap. The water is too tempting to not take the dive!

15. Experience Paddleboarding
They say you can’t enjoy Siargao unless you try surfing. Of course, that’s a total fallacy! There’s always paddle boarding for the non-surfers to enjoy. It’s an enjoyable water activity that doesn’t involve crashing with the waves. You can enjoy paddle boarding at Sugba Lagoon. If you’re not a swimmer, you can even rent a lifevest.

16. Swim at the Pools of Magpupungko
Magpupungko rock pools are one of the most spectacular places you’ll find in the Philippines. If you want to take a dip in the pool, then you have to make it to Magpupungko on a low tide else you’ll be meeting strong waves that might crash you on the rocks surrounding the pool. Timing is essential when going to Magpupungko. The tide changes drastically in a day. So, ask your local guide the best time to go to Magpupungko.

17. Have a Taste of Siargao’s Fresh Coconut
If you need some thirst quenchers while you gallivant around the beach near Magpupungko, then have a taste of Siargao’s fresh coconut. Local stores sell fresh coconut at less than P50. You can drink coconut juice and eat the coconut meat for your enjoyment.

18. Get Yourself a Tuna Wrap
Beaches around Magpupungko has a lot of local stores and restaurants. It is a rare find but if you do happen to bump into a place that offers tuna wraps, grab the opportunity. The tuna wrap is a deliciously made comfort food to eat on the beach. With its tinge of spiciness, it makes you want to have more. The lettuce and apple as part of the ingredient also compliment the saltiness of the tuna.

19. Buy and/or Cook Some Seafood
One of the many things you can experience in Siargao is buying your own food and cooking it. Some of the accommodating hotels and hostels in Siargao allows you to buy your own food and cook it. So, drop by at the closest market and buy some seafood to cook with your friends or family. Try Siargao’s famous crabs and other seafood dishes.

20. Get a Tattoo (Henna or Permanent)
What’s best to remind you of your first time in Siargao than the memory etched on your skin, right?

21. Join a Clean-up Drive
Siargao isn’t just an island paradise for tourists. It is also home to many diverse species and is home to the island people who loves and protects the island for years. Travel with a purpose. Join a clean-up drive. Bring memories from Siargao but also impart a service that is lasting.

22. Immerse with the Locals
Don’t just go to Siargao, stay at Siargao and immerse with the people.

The locals in Siargao are passionate lovers of their island. They love their home and are proud of their heritage. They are fun and welcoming people. They respect the island as much as they respect their mothers. So, enjoy it with them and respect the island as if it is your home too.

Travel and learn. Hear stories from them as it widens your understanding of the world outside your box.

23. Never Forget to Enjoy Siargao with People You Love
Remember, that nothing is legendary unless your friends, family, or loved ones are there to enjoy it with you!

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