Popping Bobas with Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Cafe in Davao

How many tea shops in Davao have you checked off from your list? Well, then if you’re a tea aficionado then add another one into your list because one of Cagayan De Oro’s finest is invading the land of promise.

Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Cafe offers your favorite sweet popping bobas that brings excitement to any milk tea you’ve ever had. It offers your favorite milk tea flavor from Thai, Matcha, Wintermelon and more. You can also customize your drinks with their delicious sinkers at a price, not more than P20.

Sweet Leaf is not just another brand you’ll know and then forget. They have dominated Cagayan De Oro since 2012 and now they’re about to make a home in Davao City. Of course, what they bring home in the table is their freshly brewed tea every day and their delicious bobas.

They offer delectable rocksalt and cheese milk tea, Yakult tea, fruit tea, your favorite milk tea and their special blended drinks.

The place is also quaint, well-lit, and aesthetically appealing with a homey feeling. It’s also far from the bustling crowd of the city as it is located in Paseo Uno Building in Marfori Heights.

Getting There

If you’re not a local from Davao and you just want to discover new food adventures, then follow the simple instructions indicated below on how to get to Sweet Leaf and Bubble Tea in Paseo Uno Building, Marfori Heights.

  1. Find a jeepney with a route going to Bajada. Jeepneys you can take are those marked going to V-Plaza, Bajada, JP Laurel, G-mall, Sasa or Lanang.
  2. Tell the driver to drop you off Fair Lanes. You’ll see a road between two gasoline stations once you drop off.
  3. Walk to the tricycle stops and tell a tricycle driver to drop you off Marfori Heights in front of their park.
  4. Once you get there, you’ll see Paseo Uno building.
  5. Walk at the right alley going to the restroom. Sweet Leaf is hard not to catch.

Minimum fare: P28. Jeepney fare’s minimum cost is P8 and tricycle ride going to Marfori costs P20.

The Place and Ambiance

Sweet Leaf and Bubble Tea Cafe is a simple and comfortable tea cafe that offers a place to students who like to study. The place is quiet, well-lit, and quite homey. The interior is simple with beautiful paintings and pictures hanging on the wall, beautiful murals, and cute witty signages.

It’s perfect for intimate dates and great for catching up with friends you haven’t seen for awhile. However, I find the place better suited for students’ hangout for studying as it is far from the metro and is a little bit hidden. They offer a lot of outlets, too. So, you can plug your chargers if you’re planning to stay longer.

The Spendings

Sweet Leaf and Bubble Tea Cafe is a budget friendly tea shop. You can order their delicious milk tea at P75, their rocksalt and cheese at P80 and their blended drinks at P105.

Their sinkers doesn’t cost that much. It only costs P10 to add pearls, coco jelly, coffee jelly, oreo and P20 to add bobas and rocksalt and cheese. It’s quite a good catch to be honest.
Compared to other milk tea cafes, you can buy two cups of milk tea at a price of one at some other cafes.

The downside, however, is that they don’t offer pasta or any other food. They only offer cookies and pastries. They also serve only one cup size for their milktea. My estimate is that it’s a 12oz cup.

The Voyager’s Experience

Their milk tea is, without exaggeration, one of the best that I have tasted. It’s the first time my eyes widened out of awe from the perfection of taste with their strawberry rocksalt and cheese tea paired with sweet delicious popping boba as the sinker.

The second time my eyes widened from explosion of taste was when I tried out their Tiramisu milk tea paired with coffee jelly sinkers. It’s so good!

It’s that good that I had to go back after the day I went there. On the second day, we ordered peppermint tea and matcha tea. It’s as great as the first day we went there. My goal is to check off all the menu to my new favorite tea cafe.


You should go check them. Sweet Leaf and Bubble Tea Cafe just opened last August 4. You might find your new favorite place to study or work. It’s highly recommended for cutesy dates with your partner as I did with mine.


Budget: P100-P150 per head
Wifi: Available
Modes of Payment: Cash only
Address: Paseo Uno Building, Marfori Heights, Davao City
Instagram: @sweetleafcdo
Facebook: https://facebook.com/sweetleafcdo
Opens: Mon – Sat 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Sun 10:00AM to 8:00PM

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