Twistea Room Cafe, an after-work Haven in Davao

You and your work colleagues clock out from work. Grateful that the week is over. It’s been a month of meeting deadlines and working beyond the 8-to-5 shift. You’re looking forward to some place to chill. Not necessarily a bar or a club, just somewhere you can just lay back and have some quiet night. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe, and have some nice hot meal.

Luckily, Twistea Room Cafe is a new haven for people looking for a place to relax and have a nice treat.

True to their tagline “A Room Like No Other”, Twistea Room Cafe is a refuge away from the stress of the city. Located at corner Ruby and Coral street, St. Marfori Heights Subdivision, the beautiful cafe stands out with its spacious and rustic design and well lit with warm lights.

You can select from the long wooden table for groups, high-stool tables if you want to have intimate chats with your partner, or unwind from work at their sofa. The place is also ideal for working outside the office or studying away from the library.

The cafe isn’t only for the visual senses. They also offer delectable food. They offer a blend of international cuisine using local ingredients, Filipinos are accustomed to. They provide a selection of healthy delicious meal and offer vegetarian-friendly dishes to choose from.

They offer wine and even awaken your sweet tooth with their delicious pastries and cakes. You can order coffee and their famous Kombucha tea. Their buffalo wings are hard not to resist as it has the right kick of spicy.

As you enter the room, you can instantly smell a whiff of delectable food being prepared in their open kitchen. You can see the chef prepare the food you order. It’s a room that captivates all your senses. Indeed, a room like no other!

Getting There through Public Transportation

  1. Find a jeepney with a route going to Bajada. Jeepneys you can take are those marked going to V-Plaza, Bajada, JP Laurel, G-mall, Sasa or Lanang.
  2. Tell the driver to drop you off Fair Lanes. You’ll see a road between two gasoline stations once you drop off.
  3. Walk to the tricycle stops and tell a tricycle driver to drop you off Marfori Heights. Tell the driver to drop you off the Marfori Heights’ Park. (Other near landmark/establishment – Kopi Factory)
  4. You’ll pass by Mercury Drug Store. After you pass by it there will be a two-floor building with a very large signage saying Twistea Room Cafe. It’s really hard not to see the building.

The Place and Ambiance

Opened last May 1, 2018, the place is not yet virally known in the public. However, I find the place very suitable for intimate and discreet dates. It has a homey vibe. It is clean and the interior is pleasing to the eyes.

You can select at different types of tables and chairs depending on the reason for your stay. If you’re working, you can a place for peace and quiet at the corner. You can chill at their sofa. If you’re having a team meeting outside the office, you can select the long table.

The place looks elegantly fancy but does not make you feel intimidated to come in because the ambiance is welcoming and very much feels like a beautiful home.

The Spendings

Twistea Room Cafe’s price range may not entirely be for student market. By the looks of their price range, its best market are the working class. Their meals’ price range starts from P140 (Kimchi Pancake) to P475 for their main course.

However, if you’re looking to just ease your nerves with a cup of coffee or blended drinks you can order a cup with a hundred peso. Pair that with their delicious decorative cakes.

Though pricey, the serving is really generous and undoubtedly palatable.

The Voyager’s Experience

Twistea Room Cafe’s interior design is exquisitely pleasing to the eyes and really relaxing. Though their choices are quite expensive for my budget, the food did not fail. For a person who is not a fan of pesto pasta, I really loved their chicken pesto with bow tie. I can tell that the ingredients were fresh and the chopped chicken was perfectly done.

They also serve one of the best buffalo wings I have ever tried here in Davao. It’s one legit buffalo wings. They also offer different flavors of it.

What I love the most from their menu is that they took account of people who are vegetarian and those who are health conscious. These demographic can select a proper meal without difficulty.

I find it the perfect place for work friends to chill and maybe work outside though their wifi connection is on the works.

twistea Budget: P200-P300 per head
Wifi: Not Available (as of August 2018)
Modes of Payment: Cash only
Address: Corner Ruby and Coral streets, Marfori Heights Subdivision, Davao City
Instagram: @twistea_cafe
Opens: Mon – Sat 11:00AM to 11:00PM

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