Life Lessons As Told By the Voyaging Accountant: Be Gentle With Yourself

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
Desiderata, Mark Ehrmann

We’re all caught up in the illusion that we can be what we want at the age of twenty-five. We’re all too busy trying to sort out our lives at an early age so we work our ass off to be at par with society’s status quo.

It’s too easy for us to compare ourselves with others because everything is broadcasted in social media. The more we see our friends enjoying themselves under the shade of trees on a beautiful beach, having a coffee break somewhere outside the country, or having the time of their life with their newly wedded wife or husband; we end up comparing ourselves.

We end up hating ourselves and think that we don’t measure up with others. And, so we look for superficial and temporary high to make us feel more important. But, at the end of the day, we still feel that we aren’t measuring up.

We’re too hard on ourselves that we forget to celebrate our progress in life. We put ourselves into so much pressure in having to achieve things at this timeline, at this age, at this point in time.

It’s always about what others have that we don’t or things we want but we can’t have. It’s always about what we need to become. It’s always about filling the gap with what we lack and never about the things we already have.

We never stop and look at what we actually become from what we were before. We’re too hard on ourselves that we’re too blinded on the many successes that we have in life. We’re too hard on ourselves that we forget to have a break, have fun, and enjoy the process of life.

We want to become successful but we forget to count the many achievements we have in life – big or small.

Do you end up thinking where you were before and where you are now?

For a long time, I have been too hard on myself and it took discipline to be gentle with myself. It took discipline to understand that things will work out in the long run as it always has been in life.

Don’t distress yourself with overthinking, of the possibility that you are not going anywhere in life. Don’t be ahead of yourself. Trust your own process. Not everyone has the same luck or opportunity. You’ll get yours one day.

Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the small things that you achieve in a day. Celebrate the tasks you accomplished at work. Congratulate yourself for checking off your to-do list, your grocery, your chores.

Feel proud of yourself for following the rules and makes you a good citizen. Embrace what you lack and count what you have.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Stop spiraling in the illusion you see in social media.

Be gentle with yourself. We may not have everything that we want but what we have is enough to have a happy life.

Be gentle with yourself.

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