Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine: The Modern Pre-Colonial Restaurant

It is popular in the culinary industry to renovate old and ancestral buildings and make it a venue for flourishing restaurants. There are some restaurants, however, that go the other way around. There are restaurants that are bold and stray away from what millennials normally conform to. Like a restaurant in Davao City, it pays back tribute to Filipino heritage and designed their venue in a pre-colonial manner.

Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine makes their guest feel like dining in a different era. With brick stones design for the walls and hardwood designed flooring, you’ll feel transported back into time despite being in the millennium. Although the materials used are modern, you will still feel like in a pre-colonial era with the restaurant’s ambiance.

Not only is Apo Andoy famous for its pre-colonial themed interior, it is also famous for its food. The restaurant serves famous Filipino dishes from all around the archipelago. Their dishes include Laing ng Bicol, Vigan Budbod, Tinolang manok ng Bacolod, Longganisa de Cebu, Sugpo alavar ng Zamboanga, and more represents the three main islands of the Philippines – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Getting There

Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine is a part of Balai Belen, bed and breakfast place. If you’re traveling through a taxi cab, you can tell the driver to drive you to Balai Belen in Dacudao Ave. in Agdao.

However, if you are taking a jeepney ride, take a ride that to Agdao with a route that passes by Dacudao Ave. If you see the Red Garnet Laundromat and Carwash, stop there and walk across the opposite of the street from where you are dropping from. There will be signs of Balai Belen. You can follow the sign. Go inside the street next to Red Garnet Laundromat Carwash and you will see the Korean Church. Next to it is Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine.

The Place and The Ambiance

The place is well-designed to look vintage. Exterior of the building is beautifully designed to reflect the pre-colonial era. The interior portrays the inside of ancestral Filipino homes. However, you can really notice that the materials used are modern. You can have the ambiance of dining in a pre-colonial comedor.

There are beautiful vintage artifacts around the place. The place is well maintained as it is clean. It is also spacious but have less tables on the first floor. A rough estimate of the capacity on the first floor is around fifteen to twenty pax only. The second floor, however, can host intimate parties.

It is a serene place as it is hidden in the middle of the city. The location can be hard to access if you are not guided by any mobile map apps.

You will be greeted by a life size sitting monument of President Rodrigo Duterte doing his signature pose on the stairs. If you’re a fan of the president, you can take some snapshots if you like. However, if it’s dark and it’s your first time at the place, the monument can give you a jumpscare. I know, I did.

The Spendings

The restaurant is suitable for dates with the family or barkada than a couple’s date unless you would like to explore the many beautiful restaurants flourishing all around Davao City. Most of their meals are family size. The spending can cost around an average of P200 a meal.

They are well-known for serving local pies like the ube halaya pie. This sweet treat cost P90 per slice. Drinks cost between P50 to P299. At P299, you can have a taste of their local fruit wine.

They serve vegetable dishes (P120-P265), and noodles and rice (P35,plain rice to P260, pancit canton). For the main course, they have pork (P120-P245), beef (P320-P425), chicken (P265-P275), and seafood (P200-P525). Their house specialty is the barbecue bucket serving three or more different famous Filipino barbecue. This is at P275. They offer soup, appetizers and all-day Filipino breakfast.

The Voyaging Accountant’s Recommendation, Best Buy: Barbecue Bucket – P275

The Voyager’s Experience

I have discovered the existence of Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine through one of my favorite Facebook bloggers, Davao Food Guide. It took months before I finally came to Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine. It was a fun experience because it was my and my work friends’ first time in Apo Andoy’s.

We went there for a business meeting at around 4:30PM. Their kitchen is open at 5:00PM so we had time to discuss our monthly agenda at work. We ordered our food while discussing and the food already arrived at around 7:00PM.

It is not the best place to go to when you are hungry because your hunger may escalate to hangry (hungry angry). Their serving time still needs improvement. On the upside, their food tastes great and is the serving size is worth the peso.

If you’re on a plant-based diet or vegan then you’ll be happy to know that Apo Andoy offers more vegetable dishes than when we were there last September 2018.

My favorite among all the dishes I have tried is their new dish at the time we dine there. It was a spicy back ribs. Their sisig is delicious too as it is the first plate to be dished out given that it was served with the same food.

I ordered their alavar but it was disappointing. The flavor did not hold up to my expectation. No restaurant has yet contended to the real Alavar’s in Zambaonga. As a whole, Apo Andoy’s Filipino Heritage Cuisine is a refreshing place to experience an era where serenity still means something in the busy city life.

Budget: P500-700 for two pax
Wifi: Not Available
Modes of Payment: Cash Only
Address: Balai Belen, Garnet St. RGA Village, Davao City
Facebook: https://facebook.com/apoandoys/

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