Why I Opt To Use GCash This 2018

You have probably heard of GCash through their latest promo (October 2018) that allows you to buy two dozens of pre-assorted donuts at the price of P500 if you scan to pay via GCash. If you’re an old user of GCash then good for you because you’ve saved a lot of time, effort, and probably money with the use of GCash. As for me, a first time user of GCash, I am in awe at how efficient and convenient GCash is.

GCash is not a gimmicky and useless app. In fact, it is one of the best financial app that I’ve used so far this 2018. GCash is like a virtual wallet and a payment innovation created by Globe. It allows you to pay your bills, send, and receive money at the convenience of your home. It’s actually hassle free and safe.

If you worry about the legitimacy of GCash then do know that there are many merchants that accepts GCash payment and financial institutions that allows you to load up your GCash wallet and/or cash out your money. SM malls already accepts GCash payment and other restaurants like JCo Donuts and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

So, how do you use it? First, you have to download GCash app on your mobile phone through Google Play or Play Store. Register and create an account.

GCash Registration Step

  1. Open your newly downloaded GCash App.
  2. Enter your mobile number. Your registered mobile number will be your GCash number. Click Next. You’ll receive an authentication code through text.
  3. Enter the authentication code and submit code.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions. (Let’s be honest, we don’t really read the terms and conditions)
  5. Provide your personal information. Name, Birthdate, and the likes.
  6. Create a four-digit mobile PIN. This is your PIN to access your GCash. Note: In creating passwords, don’t use your birthday to avoid theft.

Voila! You’re registered to GCash. Before you can utilize the GCash app, you first have to be verified or this app will be useless. To what I remember, I took a selfie using my phone and uploaded it through the app, sync my Facebook, and waited for a day before I got a verification text from GCash.

First thing to do is load up your wallet with GCash once you’re verified. To load up your GCash, you have to access ‘cash in’. I used my BPI account to transfer money to my GCash. You can sync up any bank account that supports mobile cash transfers in the app. Before any transfer, your bank will require you an OTP code. Your OTP will be sent to your phone. Note: OTP codes will be sent to the number you used in registering your mobile bank access.

Once done, your GCash balance will automatically be updated in just a matter of second. Now you can use GCash by sending money, paying your bills, buy load, pay your merchants through scanning QR and more.

Now, that you know the basics of GCash, let me tell you how it greatly help me with my finances this 2018.

Collecting Debts

With GCash, your friends or workmates who always borrow money will not have any excuse on not paying because collecting debts is easy. Usual problem in the delay of collecting debts is the inconvenience of meeting the person due to the distance or the time you have to allot just to collect money. Using your GCash, you just have to be plugged in through a wifi and your friend can send money and you’ll receive it instantly.

Buying Load

As a PUBG player, my usual problem is facing an expired data while on the verge of playing. I have to go out at night, walk to the nearest convenience store, and buy some load. Since I started using GCash, all I have to do is connect through a Wifi and buy load through the app. No need to break a sweat. If I’m really out of data, I just text my workmate who has GCash and let her buy some load for me. I’ll just pay her later also through GCash.

You can also buy load for anyone no matter what their service provider is. GCash is open to any service provider. You can also start a business with it because every load gives you a five peso rebate.

Paying My Credit Card Bills

GCash allows you to pay your bills through the app. You can pay for your light and power utilities through GCash because companies support this mode of payment. The most convenient use of GCash for me is paying my credit card bills.

Before GCash, I have to spend at least one to three hours at the bank just to pay my bills. I have to wait in line, fill up some forms, and wait for my payment to be processed before I can check off ‘paying credit card bills’ from my daily to-do list. It takes a lot of time and effort just to get to the bank and pay my credit card bills. Now, I just pay through the app and wait for three days before my payment gets posted. It’s less hassle and I get to use more time for my work and personal well being.

No need to go to ATM Machines

When I’m out of cash and I need to buy something really important, I don’t have to cue to the next ATM Machine. I just pay through GCash on stores that honors GCash payment. It’s really hassle free.

Bank Deposits

My work place and the bank where I store my savings is an hour ride away especially if the traffic is congested. It’s really stressful to travel and deposit my savings because it’s time consuming and I can’t get out from work easily. Grateful to have encountered GCash because I can transfer my money from my payroll account to my GCash account and deposit it to my bank account with GCash.

It’s easy to transfer money with GCash. You can send money with GCash to another GCash account or GCash to another bank account.

Rebates, Freebies and Promos

GCash gives out best promos and rebates. They co-partnered with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 7Eleven, JCo Donuts and other merchants for promos and giveaways. Also, they give back rebates for using the app. Two of my friends got a total of P400 for using GCash as a means of payment.

As a person who works for a tech company, the innovation of GCash is a game changer for managing money in the Philippines. It’s faster, convenient, and safe.

We’re on the verge of digitalization and we should embrace change that helps us use more of our time for important things. This is why I used GCash because time is precious and I should use it for more meaningful things in life than just waiting in line, fill up some forms and pay for my bills. You should try it too.

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