Seven Lessons I’ve Learned This 2018

The year is about to end and with it are lessons we bring for 2019. These lessons make us wiser and better individuals.

For some, 2018 has been one of the toughest years. We have lost friends, family, and loved ones along the way. We have experienced different aspects of crisis – financial, mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual but still we are resilient to face the new year.

The twelve months of 2018 has passed and so I impart to you the seven lessons I have learned that may resonate with your learnings this year.

Memento Mori – Living and Not Surviving

“Remember, that you too will die.”

Memento mori is another way of saying “You only live once”. For, indeed, our time here on earth is short and uncertain.

The start of 2018 was rocky for me and my family. One of my closest aunts passed away and lost her battle to cancer. It was then that I have realized that although she did not have any titles, career, and loads of possession; she lived a happy life with her children and her family. She had a youthful heart and a positive outlook in life. Though, she was not as accomplished unlike her brother and sister, she lived life to the fullest.


When she died, I realized that life is too short. Life is more than just spending my precious hours worrying over meeting deadlines, paying bills, and climbing the corporate ladder. Life should be spent living and not merely surviving.

I learned to start prioritizing what matters most in life – my service to God, creating moments with the people I love, and, my passion and my well being.

Celebrating Small Victories

Often, we’re too caught up with the lives of other people. We compare our victories with other people’s victories and denounce ours because it’s not as a grand as buying a house, as having a promotion, a six-figure salary or whatever it is we see on social media.

This year, I have learned to slowly let go of my insecurities because whatever it is that I’m achieving; no matter how great or how small it is, it is still a victory that I have worked hard for.


I should feel proud about achieving simple things such as the simplest joy of being appreciated by a client or my boss or having enough to book a vacation.

This year, I have learned to be grateful and celebrate the small victories.


Outgrowing Friends

As we grow older, we realize that not all the people in our lives will stick until the end.

As the years pass, we learn to outgrow friends and it’s okay.

It’s not a bad thing to outgrow people. I have learned that I don’t have to feel guilty if I outgrow friends.

In the coming years, life will be harder because tougher situations will arise. The only people you need on those years are those who will help you until the end. You only need those friends who will guide you to become a better partner to your spouse, a better parent to your children – a better person.



You only need friends who share the same goals and ideals and those who will not compete with your victories but celebrate them with you.

Finding Time For Your Family

Circumstances bring change to our lives.

At some point in our life, our families become less of a priority. This is especially for those who are single. We are too focused on trying to become who we want to be that we tend to forget our families.


We often forget to find time to create moments and memories with our parents and siblings.


This year, I learned to spend time with my family. Although, this lesson is a work in progress, I vow to make extra effort in 2019 to find time and create beautiful memories with my family and closest relatives.

Saying “No”

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned this year is the art of saying no.

Some people like me, tend to say yes to any requests from a family or a loved one. Going out our way despite the inconvenience is our outlet to show that we care.

Since people are used to me saying yes to every request, I find it hard to say no.

However, this year is a breakthrough for me because I’ve finally had enough of people taking advantage of me and giving them control over what I’d do or not.

If I find that a task is difficult, I am now honest about it and tell people I can’t do it. I’ve learned that I have to say no if I’m not comfortable doing something or if it’s too much or if it’s out of the way.

Credit is Bad

This year, my learnings were not just about spiritual and life driven lessons. I have also learned the value of managing my finances and liabilities.

With all honesty, I end my year having a negative net worth due to my mismanaged finances, failed business ventures, and over the top expenses using my credit cards.

If there is one thing I can impart to my fellow millenials who are suffering from debts, it is to always discern your purchases. Prioritize those that are essential to living such as your rent, groceries, toiletries and other needed utilities. Do not spend what you can’t afford even if you have a credit card.

This learning is lengthy, so I’ll save it on a different blog post..probably.

Caring for Yourself

The most important lesson I’ve learned this year is to take care of myself.

I am a person who always prioritize the well being of other people than mine. But, as I’ve said, I have had enough.

Being selfish of your time to do the things you love is not something to be guilty about. I have learned to prioritize my health – both physical and mental. I have learned to take a rest when I need to. I have learned to take a break from work or else I’ll die from stress.


Self-care isn’t about just taking a rest or break. It’s also to openly express your discomfort on a situation you’re in especially if you feel aggravated by people. Self-care isn’t just about taking a break. It’s also fighting for your sanity and well-being.

Although, some people may find it selfish,but I find it liberating to actually stand up for myself for the first time.

This learning is tricky because if you put too much self-care you become self-centered and arrogant. If you put less self-care, some people may take advantage of you.

Self-care is an art. Most of my learnings this year is about self-care.

As the year ends, our lessons are ought to be celebrated.


We ought to celebrate and commemorate those who are not with us anymore. Their lives brought so much impact and brought introspection that may have adjusted our focus and life purpose.

We ought to celebrate all the blessings and opportunities we had in 2018.

Let’s celebrate all the hardships that we have hurdled and are continually facing with bravery come 2019.


Let’s celebrate all the lessons because it makes us better and wiser individuals.

So, cheers and let us welcome 2019 with a wiser version of ourselves.


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