An Introduction to Netflix’s Black Mirror without Spoiling The Fun

Black Mirror is a TV series with standalone episodes with a theme that is dark, creepy, and almost lacks censorship. However, there’s actually something that hooks people to it that doesn’t make them weird but enlightened. What is it and why does our generation need to watch the TV series?

Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology created by Charles Brooker. The Netflix series revolves around a dystopian universe portraying the effect of technology in modern society or the fact that technology just reflects and amplifies the dark side of modern society.

It shows a far distant future portraying our relationship with technology. It hooks you up because the universe Charles Brooker created is relatable and it can actually happen in the future or is ALREADY happening now.

It often leaves viewers more conflicted and experience existential crisis because it deals with controversial topics such as resorting to social media for justice, choosing non-conformist leaders, our dependence to technology and social media for validation, and such.


The horror in Black mirror are not ghosts or demons but our introspection. It’s a psychological ride that leaves a bad aftertaste in our mind.

In total, Black Mirror has four seasons and about to release the fifth season in 2019. They also released the first ever interactive movie last December 28, 2018 – Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Bandersnatch allows the viewers to choose the character’s storyline through selecting choices using your smartphones, computers, tablets or smart TV.


To get a better experience with Black Mirror’s interactive movie, you should first start watching the 19 episodes of Black Mirror. You don’t have to watch the episodes from Season 1 to 4 because the episodes’ storylines are standalone.

Here are the best episodes in Black Mirror that may entice you to watch the entire show. Also, some of these episodes have references to Bandersnatch. You’ll probably understand more the concept of Bandersnatch after watching these episodes.

Nosedive – Season 3 Episode 1

Nosedive is a satire to society’s dependence on ratings, reviews, follows and likes. It shows how society can be so pretentious over social media to live up to the reputation that they have a perfect life.

For viewers, the heroine’s action can be cringey but believable and actually relatable. Actual people in your life can pop up in mind while watching this episode.

The scary part about the technology presented is that this is already happening in real life. Watch the movie and after, read this post.

White Bear – Season 2 Episode 1

White Bear deals with the concept of punishment and tugs your moral compass. This episode plays with your emotion and your morality to which makes you question your boundary for justice.

As you watch this episode, you go rooting for the survival of the protagonist while also realizing that we live in a “camera phone” generation.

A generation in which we automatically resort to capturing videos of real life events instead of doing something. We’re merely spectators and we find entertainment on these actual events.

As the show goes on, you actually reflect more of the future of our society than just being a “camera phone” generation.


Entire History of You – Season 1 Episode 3

The Entire History of You is one of the saddest episodes in Black Mirror. This deals with Liam’s domestic problem with his wife.

In this episode, modern technology allows you to record what you see and allows you to access all records with the flick of a button.

The episode deals with our human weakness – paranoia. How far will we go to extinguish our paranoia with our partner’s past and fidelity? This episode is relatable because we can all be Liam or may also hate him for being so paranoid.

Play Test – Season 3 Episode 2

Play test is a commentary to our consumption for virtual and augmented reality gaming experience.

I find that it is also a commentary on how fucked up we are on the inside. Fear instilled in the game are from the demons we make in our head.

This episode is full of jumpscares and may feed on your fears.


USS Callister – Season 4 Episode 1

If you’re a fan of simulation games like the Sims then you might pay attention to this episode very well. It’s a thought provoking episode that we can all be guilty of.

If we were given the power to seek vengence, if there is a world that seeking vengence will not have any moral or criminal consequences, how far can we go?

This episode exploits our deepest and darkest sides. How dark and twisted are we?

White Christmas – Special Episode

White Christmas explores a technology that extracts human consciousness in a chip and stores it in a device that allows you to control room temperature, your plans, daily diet and etc according to your liking. It’s an evolved technology from previous episodes that can actually clone you.

This technology is also used as a torture room until you break or at least your clone breaks.

Black Museum – Season 4 Episode 6

Black Museum is a museum paying homage to black mirror’s previous episodes. It’s an episode where the character leads you to a trip to a museum full of technological artifacts with dark past and crimes.

The episode portrays three horror stories that creeps you out like the Twilight Zone. One story shows a doctor that got addicted to pain, he ends up mutilating his own body.

images (1)

The ending of the story gives you a Get Out vibe.

Hated in the Nation – Season 3 Episode 6

Hated in the nation, for me, is one of the best episodes of Black Mirror for having such awesome plot twist and makes you socially aware.

I find that this episode is a commentary on how we resort to public crucifixion for people who has said or did bad things over social media to the point that people wish them to die.

This episode gives us that power to choose whether someone hated in social media lives or dies – literally. Will we use that power or not? Choose wisely.

San Junipero – Season 4 Episode 4

San Junipero is one of the best episodes in Black Mirror among others. It is also one of the episodes that won an Emmy Award as an Outstanding Television Movie.

San Junipero is a break from all the conflict you feel from other episodes. It’s a positive outlook on the joy technology can bring.

Similar with White Christmas, you can extract your consciousness and store it in a world called San Junipero where you can jump from one era to another. In this episode, two women found love in each other in the world of San Junipero. You can say that they found love in a hopeless place.

Shut up and Dance – Season 3 Episode 3

This is one of the episodes that makes your anxiety level spark up to 100%. Shut up and Dance deals with hackers tampering your computer and blackmails you with your computer activities.

You either do what they want or you suffer the consequences. It’s theme shows human weakness for dealing with public humiliation. How far can we go to protect our reputation and dignity?

But, the plot twist shifts the theme from taking humiliation to another controversial topic.

Many people should watch Black Mirror because it’s not just looking at our screens, thinking it’s just entertainment. When the episodes end and what’s left is a dark screen in front of us, we end up reflecting, instrospecting. We reflect on the dark side of humanity.

DvhVwPZUUAAZ1TS (1).jpg

It isn’t just called Black Mirror if it doesn’t mean something.


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