Sitio Babak: A Taste of Korea in Davao

The Philippines is one of the biggest consumers of Korean products due to our patronage with K-pop culture.

With our demands for Korean products, many Korean restaurants have been growing like mushrooms in Davao City.

In fact, Korean restaurants have been a craze in the food industry since Koreanovela and K-pop bands started to dominate Filipino media.

Here in Davao City, Korean restaurants offer Korean dining experience by showcasing their unlimited samgyopsal treat.

However, among all the Korean restaurants in Davao City, Sitio Babak holds the number one spot for me.

Sitio Babak is an alfresco restaurant in the streets of Dona Vicenta. The area is a garage made into a restaurant by Mr. Kim and his wife, Ms. Dolores. The restaurant is named in homage for where Mr. Kim’s wife is from.

Sitio Babak offers authentic Korean dishes that any Korean fans would like to come back to. Although the place isn’t as fancy and as Instagrammable as any Korean restaurants in the city, yet they offer one of the best tasting Korean food in Davao City.

What makes anyone come back to Sitio Babak is how affordable the price is. They are also one of the Korean restaurants in the city that opens 24 hours a day.

How to Get There

Sitio Babak is located in Surveyor Street, Bajada, Davao City.

If you’re taking a jeep with a Bajada route, you can drop off at Chowking – Bajada (in front of Victoria Mall). Walk on the street going to the old Boxed Up. You’ll find Sitio Babak as you walk past the barbershop.

The Place and Ambiance

Sitio Babak is a home-grown restaurant in the garage space of the Korean owner and his wife. Aesthetically, it isn’t as fancy as other restaurants. If you’re the kind who only judges a restaurant in its aesthetic features, then Sitio Babak isn’t for you.

Sitio Babak isn’t a favorite due to its aesthetic features but to its gastronomic experience that will transport you from Davao to Korea with their food. Simple as it is, it’s still clean and comfortable.

They don’t have a lot of tables so when coming there, the place is usually pack. They have a VIP room with airconditioning for those who don’t prefer alfresco dining.

The Spendings

Sitio Babak offers the most affordable Korean dishes compared to other Korean restaurants I’ve encountered in Gensan and Davao City. Most of the Filipino favorite Korean dishes cost around P150 to P250 only.

Unlike other restaurants in Davao City, you have to splurge P250 to P350 to buy one dish. Their serving is also good because it’s enough for two to three people.

However, there are some costly dishes that are around P400-P800 per dish. Such examples are their shrimp tempura, pig trotters, and korean fried chicken.

Your favorite dishes such as jajangmyeon (the black noodle), jjampong (spicy noodles with seafood), bulgogi, and samgyopsal cost only at P230-P250.

Street dining food such as their tteokbukki and kimbap cost only P120-150. Despite its affordable price, the food is really great. A 500-peso budget is enough to leave with a full tummy.

Also, have I mentioned they offer unlimited side dishes? Their kimchi is so good!

The Voyager’s Experience

I was never a fan of Korean food until I ate from Sitio Babak. Ever since, Sitio Babak has been my comfort food.

I always take my friends from Gensan City and Cebu City to Sitio Babak as part of their Davao food trip experience. Sitio Babak, is an epitome that people don’t come back to a restaurant due to its aesthetic designs but to its gastronomic experience.

This restaurant was recommended by a friend – thank you Venus Derecho!

My all-time favorite is their jjampong because I love the home made noodles. I also love their tteokbukki and jeyuk bokkeum.

If you’re craving for some Korean dishes and your short of budget, invite friends and dine at Sitio Babak!

Budget: P500-700 for two pax Mode of Payment: Cash Only Address: Surveryor St, Bajada, Davao City Close: On Sundays Facebook:

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