Taichou Izakaya – Ramen Nights in Davao City

If you’re a fan of anime, chances are, you have a fascination for Japanese culture and Japanese culture isn’t complete without Japanese cuisines. One of the most sought Japanese dishes for any anime enthusiast is a bowl of ramen since many anime portray the rich and colorful aesthetic of Japanese ramen.

For a fan, eating ramen is a dream. However, if you are living in the Philippines, having to taste authentic ramen is quite rare. Here in Davao City, one of the best Japanese ramen experience, by far, is in Taichou Izakaya.

Taichou Izakaya is a small street dining restaurant in Ponce Corner Suazo Street. It offers one of the best ramens in the city of Davao.

They only serve more or less ten Japanese dishes. Only two ramen flavors are available but these are one of the best in Davao City.

Just a taste of their Tonkatsu ramen is enough for you to come back to their restaurant.

They also serve one of the spiciest ramens. Their hell ramen has seven levels of spiciness. If you’re a devil who likes spices, then try their seventh level. You’ll surely love it.

How to Get There

As a non-resident of Davao City, I find it hard to locate Taichou Izakaya without getting lost. However, here is my best to guide you in reaching this amazing restaurant.

You can take a jeepney with a route going to Roxas Night Market. You can drop at Roxas Night Market and find a pedicab going to Ponce Street. You can walk but it might take you a while. Tell the pedicab driver to take you to 711 in Ponce Street.

Taichou Izakaya is a restaurant next to 711.

The Place and Ambiance

Now, I’ve never been into Japan but Taichou Izakaya is like a rip-off from an anime film.

There’s a table where you can sit and see your order being cooked, a side street alfresco area where you can eat and drink with friends, and an airconditioned area where you can sit the way Japanese do.

Taichou Izakaya is just a small store with an approximate capacity of not more than fifty pax. It is a comfortable place with all the basic commodities of a normal restaurant. Though, small, it usually is packed especially on weekends.

The Spendings

Taichou Izakaya is not exactly luxurious and not exactly budget friendly. All of their dishes cost more than P100. However, for their ramen, it is actually less costly than other ramen restaurants in Davao City given that their portion size is huge.

Their ramen costs P235 for their Tonkatsu and P285 if they offer their special broth which is extra thick and more flavorful than an ordinary Tonkatsu.

Their hell’s ramen cost P265 and you are free to choose the level of spiciness.

Their donburi dishes range from P165 to P175.

The Voyager’s Experience

I have been to many Japanese restaurants in Davao City but their bowl of ramen is, by far, the best ramen I have ever tasted. It’s broth is thick and umami. It’s an explosion of saltiness and flavorful richness.

Their hell ramen, with its sour and spicy taste, is also a distinct flavor that is great for cold nights. Hell ramen is quite famous in Japan.

Their okonomiyaki is also a feature because it is one of the best okonomiyaki I have ever tasted. I have tasted different okonomiyaki all over the Philippines but their okonomiyaki has been etched in my palate’s dictionary. It’s an explosion of flavor. Who know that shredded fish and pork can bring out a savory taste!

However, if you’re going to eat at Taichou Izakaya, make sure you’re not hangry. Their serving time is a wee bit slow since all of their food is freshly made and not instant.

Patience is key for great food, anyways.

This restaurant was recommended by a great photographer from Bukidnon and one of the best business consultants working here in Davao City, Alven Butanas!

Budget: P500-700 for two pax
Mode of Payment: Cash Only
Address: Ponce Corner Suazo Street
Davao City 8000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taichouizakaya/

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