Brunch Dates at Kim’s Cafe

Some people enjoy quiet coffee shops. This is a form of relaxation and pampering after a busy week. Many coffee shops and milk tea places have opened up in Gensan but only a few know about secret coffee shop places that are far from the bustling city crowd.

If you enjoy isolation and like to sip your coffee in a nice and quiet place, try visiting Kim’s Cafe. The place is located at Mabuhay Road and is easy to spot because it’s close to Venue 88.


Kim’s cafe offers a variety of coffee and blended drinks. They also offer all-day breakfast and American dishes.

The interior is actually beautiful and refreshing. It’s ideal for brunch dates for couples. It’s also ideal for students who want to work with a project in a peaceful place compared to the usually packed cafes inside the mall.


How to Get There

Getting to Kim’s Cafe isn’t actually hard because it’s just along the highway of Mabuhay Road. Commuting is the hard part because of tricycle drivers in Gensan usually asking for too much fare.

If you are coming from the center of Gensan (SM City, General Santos’ Park, Notre Dame), you can actually take four different modes of transportation if you are commuting.

Van: Take a van going to Mabuhay road. An estimated fare would be P15-20.
Double ride: First, take a tricycle ride and drop at Yumang or at Block 8, City Heights. The fare will be around P8-10.

After, take a tricycad (a smaller tricycle) going to Venue 88. Fare ride ranges from P10-15.

Tricycle: You can ask a tricycle driver to take you to Venue 88 without having to take two rides but this is more expensive. It costs around P30-50 if you are riding alone but if you are coming as a group, you can haggle for P10 or P15 each.

Angkas: You can download Angkas and take a ride using this service.

The Place and Ambiance

Kim’s Cafe is a spacious cafe that can serve up to 20-30 pax.


It’s interior is beautifully designed with a rustic theme.


It’s one of the quietest coffee shops in Gensan since it is far from the heart of the city. It’s quite clean and comfortable to hang out especially on lazy Sundays.


For people who like to isolate themselves and read a book without any bother, Kim’s Cafe can be your next hideout. It also has strong wifi connectivity which is great for research and desk work. They also have available outlets compared to some coffee shops that don’t have that many.


People living near Mabuhay like subdivisions in Agan, Phase 2, and VSM, who are looking for some coffee fix or just want to go out and have that coffee shop vibes, go to Kim’s Cafe.

The Spendings

If you are looking for some coffee, the cafe’s coffee and blended drink selections are the same with typical coffee shops. If you are looking for food to grub on, Kim’s Cafe might not fit an average student’s budget.


For their coffee, they offer it in only in one size. If I’m not mistaken it’s a 12oz cup. The price range of their coffee is around P100-P160 for their hot drinks. If you like your coffee over ice, the price range is around P100-P130. Blended drinks and smoothies costs around P130-P220.


Their food costs around P150-P500 for a plate. Despite the price range, you do get what you paid for with Kim’s Cafe. They serve their dishes in a full platter. Their SWAT is worth your peso. SWAT stands for “Sandwich with a Twist”.


They serve their sandwich with baked mac and cheese and fries and it has various flavors that are not typical in your common coffee shop. They also serve pasta and entree meals.

The Voyager’s Experience

As a fan of quiet coffee shops, I can say that Kim’s Cafe hits a hard 10/10. The place is actually comfortable and pleasing to the eyes which gives a calming effect to their customers. They also have strong wifi connectivity compared to other cafes. Having less customer is a factor for wifi connectivity, though.


As to the food, I do love their coffee. They serve your coffee without the sugar syrup. It allows you to mix your sugar according to your taste which I kinda like, unlike other coffee shops. Their blended drinks are also okay but not to die for.


Their food is quite expensive, however, I do love their SWAT. Their BLT sandwich and skewered beef are actually great. I also enjoy their baked mac and cheese. I crave for it once in a while.


I am also particular with pasta, especially with carbonara. Thus, I find their carbonara delicious. It’s actually quite a rare find in Gensan but their carbonara is one of the best.


Tell me about your experience at Kim’s Cafe!

Budget: P500-700 for two pax
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Address: Venue 88 Building, Mabuhay Road, Davao City

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