Bramble, The Newest Brunch Place in Davao’s Food Scene

Visit the newest brunch place in Davao City, the king of pastels and pastries – Bramble. From the creators that made Bondi and Bourke possible, Bramble is the newest addition to Wade Watson and his team’s brilliant creation. After bringing some fine dining masterpiece in Davao’s food scene, his team is now serving the town some delicious pastries and is introducing a brand new way of brunchin’.

Bramble is gaining attention in social media fast despite it opening just this July 2019. With its elegantly pastel embellished interior, a beautiful mural for the gram, and perfectly curated dishes, one would be intrigued and drop by at Bondi and Bourke’s compound at Legaspi Street.

Bramble is a haven for people who enjoy breakfast food because they offer all-day breakfast. You can order your morning staples as early as 6AM. All their bread and pastries are freshly baked daily. Elevate your breakfast at Bramble.

Couples can enjoy brunch dates at Bramble and beautiful pictures together. It’s one of the finest brunch places in town. Not only is its aesthetics beautiful, but their food is hands down one of the most delicious breakfast dishes you’ll find in Davao City.

What’s on their menu?

They offer fresh-baked pastries and bread, famous and favorite brunch dishes such as omelette and toasts, rice bowls for the typical Pinoy-who-can’t-live-without-rice, burgers, and sandwiches, and healthy bowls and salads for those who are on a diet. You can also order coffee (hot and cold), teas, sodas, smoothies, and fruit juices. Of course, what is brunch without brunch cocktails?

How to Get There

Bramble is located at Bondi and Bourke’s Compound at 115 P Pelayo St, Poblacion District along Legazpi Street. You can take a taxi or take a walk if you’re coming from a daily jog at People’s Park.

The Place and The Ambiance

If you’ve been into some beautifully designed restaurants in Fort Bonifacio, then you’ll find that Davao’s Bramble is of equal par and maybe even better as those fancy restaurants in the Metro.

The ambiance is calming and allows you to actually enjoy a good breakfast. It’s a great place to enjoy lazy Sundays with your partner. Sip coffee and munch on some croissant or danish breads.

Beautiful wallpapers and pastel colors fill the place. The interior is pretty well-thought out.

Pose on the mural for the gram.

The Spendings

Bramble offers their bread and pastries at a range of P65 up to P250 for their steak and meat pies. Their brunch favorites ranges from P295 to P375.

For an exquisite restaurant, one should expect that price range is beyond your typical budget. It’s quite an experience you’ll enjoy. Most of their menu range from P295 and above.

If you just enjoy bread and some coffee, they offer bread and coffee pairs at P85 to P145. At P85, you’ll get to taste their famous croissant. Their coffee (hot or cold) ranges from P120 to P175.

They also have daily specials so be on the lookout on their special dish for the day.

They also accept credit card as a payment term so you don’t need to worry if you haven’t brought any cash.

The Voyager’s Experience

As a fan of breakfast food, Bramble is now one of my favorite restaurants in Davao City. It’s location is perfectly hidden from the typical busy streets of Davao City and is actually just a walk from the park.

Good brunch places is quite rare in Davao City. When I saw Bramble from my friend’s social media, I definitely put it on my list for my next destination. Not disappointed at all.

The place is quite pack on Sundays so you have to be extra early to reserve a table. The place is spacious and is quite decorated to capture your eyes. Food is really delicious and I love their Almond Croissant.

Their blueberry cheesecake isn’t as great but it’s still delicious and is a recommended try for the sweet tooth. Their Oz is the best brunch plate so far. With two fried eggs, a huge sausage, potatoes, and their home-cooked bacon, you’ll surely leave the table with a big tummy.

I might make it as a monthly food pilgrimage to brunch out at Bramble if my wallet allows me.

Have a brunch date at Bramble! I’m sure you and your partner would love it.

Budget: P300-P700 for two pax
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Address: 115 P. Pelayo Street, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Business Hours: Daily 6AM – 10PM

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2 thoughts on “Bramble, The Newest Brunch Place in Davao’s Food Scene

  1. this place is awesome. I love it come back to TwisTea Room Cafe please we have Milk Tea starting this Thursday and a new Menu?
    thank you, Matthew >


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