Brunch Dates at Kim’s Cafe

Some people enjoy quiet coffee shops. This is a form of relaxation and pampering after a busy week. Many coffee shops and milk tea places have opened up in Gensan but only a few know about secret coffee shop places that are far from the bustling city crowd. If you enjoy isolation and like to … Continue reading Brunch Dates at Kim’s Cafe

Taichou Izakaya – Ramen Nights in Davao City

If you're a fan of anime, chances are, you have a fascination for Japanese culture and Japanese culture isn't complete without Japanese cuisines. One of the most sought Japanese dishes for any anime enthusiast is a bowl of ramen since many anime portray the rich and colorful aesthetic of Japanese ramen. For a fan, eating … Continue reading Taichou Izakaya – Ramen Nights in Davao City