The Voyager’s Journal

The Voyager’s Journal is separated into four sections. The four sections are the following:

  • Chow Chronicles
  • Fragment Thoughts
  • Self-Actualization
  • Odyssey Accounts

Chow Chronicles is a diary of the Voyager’s food expedition all around the Philippines. The Voyager promotes local restaurants as she believes that striving local artists in the food industry should be supported. Chow Chronicles give you insight to your next food destination.

Fragment Thoughts is a collection of mental feelings towards universal truths, social injustices, religion, political beliefs, love, sexual identity, career and other day to day predicaments in life to a struggling professional. It deals more of the personal conflict of the Voyaging Accountant as a person that might let other people relate to her.

Self-Actualization aims to inspire people to find fulfillment to whatever their definition of success is. It is a page dedicated to provide positive outlook in life, to provide enlightenment in becoming the professional you want to achieve, to inspire others to see their own potentials and to help others realize their life’s dream.

Odyssey Accounts is a log of adventures and travels that the Voyaging Accountant imparts to the world. It accounts the places she goes whether it be work travels or personal pilgrimages. It also provides navigation to the lost.